The Future of Entrepreneurship Series

Community Futures has achieved a major milestone, celebrating 30 years of service to entrepreneurs and communities across BC.  As part of our 30 year celebration, we are publishing The Future of Entrepreneurship Series.  Written by business leaders, this series of forward thinking articles will provide insights and opinions in regards to a number of key challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs in the future. 

Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs - Dr. David E. Bond

I have been fortunate to know several successful entrepreneurs. All of them shared a number of key attributes that served them well as they launched and then managed enterprises. Over time, despite occasional bumps in the road, they became vibrant and profitable ventures.

First, when they launched their ventures, they were between 35 and 45 – or even older - and they already had significant experience. This is not to say that younger, less-experienced people cannot make it and make it big. Think of Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, both of whom achieved remarkable success with businesses launched when they were still of college-age. But they are the rare exceptions.

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The New Normal - Dr. David E. Bond

The world’s economy has undergone a fundamental change and it’s going to take time for governments, households and nations to adjust to this new normal. To successfully survive these forces of change will require leadership in both the private and public sectors as well as a clear understanding of the situation we face.

What is this situation, exactly? It seems highly likely that Canada and most of the developed world will face slow (less than 2%) annual rates of economic growth for at least five years. Slow growth marks a change from what most Canadians have experienced in the past few decades and adjusting to that “new normal” will place strains on the nation’s social, political and economic fabric. But in previous periods of immense national stress we have risen to the challenge and there is no reason believe we will not do so again.


The Reality of Risk - Dr. David E. Bond

Humans can be certain that every day we are alive we are growing older - but we can be certain of little else.  Every day we all face uncertainties or risks that affect our communities and businesses, some of which we can limit or neutralize and others which are beyond our individual or collective control.  For example, we cannot prevent adverse weather events - wind, rain or snow, earthquakes or even, in some places, volcanic eruptions - though we can make plans to deal with them if they arise.

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Entrepreneurs' Perspective - Jeff Dawson

Thirty-seven years ago, Alison Ludditt and Karen Miller were sitting together spending another wonderful day in kindergarten without a care in the world.  Their biggest decision back then was deciding which crayons to colour with and which snack to nibble on first.  Today they remain best friends and share the vast majority of their working lives with each other as co-owners of  Vernon's most inspiring home decor and furniture store, The Room Collection  

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The Art of Innovation - Jeff Dawson

Buzz words and their assorted hyperbole have become increasingly prevalent across the landscape---and now here are they more common than in the world of small business.  Every expert, guru and self-proclaimed pontificator is continually weighing in on the latest business trends, habits and phraseology.

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