Each Year Community Futures British Columbia recognizes the outstanding acheivements of its volunteers, staff and partners with a number of awards:

Al McCracken Award

The Al McCracken Award shows our appreciation to those who offer up their business skills, development expertise and continually make incredible contributions to forwarding the Community Futures Network.

al mccrakenAl McCracken was known for his tireless promotion and advocacy for Community Futures across Canada. No matter where he was, he never missed an opportunity to promote the Community Futures program and what benefits it could provide to individuals, businesses and communities. Al spoke about the Community Futures program on national radio, local TV and did several newspaper interviews.

Al’s favourite 'targets' were politicians. He wanted to inform every politician, no matter what party or level, about the Community Futures program and garner their support. Many Ministers of Parliament, Members of the Legislative Assembly and Cabinet Ministers experienced the 'McCracken Blitz' regarding the importance of the Community Futures program.

Despite his persistence, many of these politicians ended up buying him a beer, or in most cases, several beers. Al had once made a trip to Ottawa (at his own expense) to promote the program to the Minister of the then Human Resource and Development Canada. Al felt that the Minister did not fully understand the value of the program; Al was granted 15 minutes and ended up spending 37 explaining the program and its value.

Al traveled extensively around Western Canada on personal business and always made appointments with local and provincial politicians to talk about the Community Futures program. He always did this at his own expense.

Al was a founding member of Community Futures Development Corporation of Nadina, starting before the office was incorporated in 1992. Al never missed a board meeting until he became ill, and even then, he remained an active board member until his passing in August 2006.

Before Al’s passing, Community Futures Nadina recognized outstanding volunteers in British Columbia with the Volunteer of the Year Award. The award always went to recent or present Board members whose tireless dedication to Community Futures’ principles, passion for the Community Futures Network, and promotional efforts on behalf of Community Futures really drove the program forward. In 2007, with Al’s passing, the province-wide award was renamed after him, while the individual offices continue to recognize people locally. 

Today the Al McCracken Award continues to show our appreciation to those who offer up their business skills, development expertise and continually make incredible contributions to forwarding the Community Futures Network of BC.

Wendy Prystay

Community Futures Pacific Northwest

wendy prystay

Wendy Prystay has called Prince Rupert home for over 40 years. Not only does Wendy understand the deep connection between education, economic development and community resiliency, but she has made it her mission.

In 2009, she joined the Board of Directors of Community Futures Pacific Northwest. Within a few years she was nominated to the position of Chair and led the Board for the next seven years, supporting such initiatives as the Metlakatla Wilderness Trail, the Cow Bay Marina and Community Wharf, and ReDesign Rupert. Whehn her runway as Board Chair ran out, she joined the Loans Committee.

Wendy participated as a Director on the Community Futures BC Board for 6 years from 2012 to 2018 and she continued with the Board as Treasurer for 2019.

Adam Hawryluk

Community Futures Central Island

adamAdam has offered his business skills and development expertise to the Community Futures Network as a Board Director (2011 to present), as the Chair of the Loans Committee (2011 to present) and previously as the Chair of the Marketing Committee (2011-2014).

His extensive community involvement led him to be nominated for the Top 20 Under 40 from 2012-2016, the presidency of the Young Professionals of Nanaimo and past directorship of the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce.

He is an inspiring millennial who can help to move the Community Futures Network forward with fresh and new ways of thinking. Adam was also awarded the 2018 local CF Volunteer Award.


Bob Wright

Community Futures Central Kootenay

bob wrightBob joined the CF Central Kootenay Board as a Director in 1994, bringing knowledge of the forestry sector and representing the areas of Nelson and the Slocan Valley. Bob was the Board’s Vice Chair from 1995 until 2007 when he became the Chair of the Board for another 8 years.  

Bob is also a member of CF Central Kootenay’s loans committee, nominating committee, and he Chairs the Nelson & Area Economic Development partnership. He has also served three terms of the CFBC Board of Directors, serving as Chair during his last term. 

Bob left the CF Central Kootenay Board in 2015 in recognition of Board term limits. He stayed engaged by mentoring new Board members and the new Chair. In 2016, Bob rejoined the Board where he continues to serve as our Past Chair. In this role, he brings valuable historical knowledge about the organization, community insights and ongoing mentoring to new Board members.  

Bob is a life-long resident of the Central Kootenay region who is highly engaged in his community. Some of his volunteer roles outside of CF include School Board Trustee and Director of the Canadian Society for Social Development. He worked for 20 years in the forestry sector, has operated his own cycling tour company (Wright’s Bike Tours) and currently works for Kootenay Career Development Society delivering their Wage Subsidy and Job Creation Partnership programs. 

Bob provides common sense advice when needed, asks thoughtful questions and is always supportive of staff. He provides great leadership for the CF Central Kootenay staff and Board and is always smiling.  

Louis De Jager

Community Futures Stó:lō

louis de jagerLouis De Jaeger became involved in Stó:lō Community Futures (SCF) by joining the Board of Directors in November, 2013. Since his involvement with SCF, his profile as a strong Member of our Board, a Métis Leader and an activist in the local Indigenous Community, has significantly grown in Sólh Téméxw, the Stó:lō Traditional Territory. He has been involved in numerous SCF committees such as the SCF Nominating Committee and the STÓ:LŌ MEANS BUSINESSTM – Strategic Planning Committee. Louis has invested a lot of time into growing the Indigenous business community in Sólh Téméxw; his efforts have been invaluable.

Louis has also been dedicated to promoting economic development and the overall betterment of the City of Chilliwack. He is involved on the Board of Directors for the Chilliwack Business Improvement Association; he Chairs the Chilliwack Bar Watch Committee; is a Member of the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce and is on the Advisory Committee of Culinary Education at the University of the Fraser Valley in Chilliwack.

As an Indigenous entrepreneur, Louis owned Bravo Restaurant & Lounge (Bravo) for over 11 years where he set the benchmark as one of the top restaurants in Chilliwack. Throughout those years, Bravo won several esteemed awards, including the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival Wine List Award (which Bravo won 6 times!) and the BC Aboriginal Achievement Award in 2011. Louis’ passion for cooking garnered Bravo with 4 Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce Dining Excellence Awards.

Louis also mentors Indigenous young chefs and entrepreneurs, working closely with the Stó:lō Aboriginal Skills and Education Training Program at Stó:lō Nation. His dedication to helping entrepreneurs and seeing them succeed is inspiring.

His culture is true to his heart. He is a highly respected Métis leader and is a Member of the Chilliwack Métis Association. Over the last two years, he has been heavily involved in the Spirit of the People Pow Wow held in Chilliwack, as an active Member of the Pow Wow Board and in donating funding and food for the event. The Pow Wow creates a space for diversity and cross-cultural relationships in the community, while reaching out to the “neighbours” in Sólh Téméxw, which aligns with Louis’ true cultural vision and passion.

Louis is politically active as well; he is President of the Chilliwack-Hope Federal Liberal Riding Association, the Federal Aboriginal People’s Commission, and is an activist in supporting the education and awareness of our local natural resources in agriculture and sustainable aquaculture. In October 2015, Louis ran in the Federal election as a Federal Liberal Candidate. Although unsuccessful, Louis was able to show his business skills and strong character as a true leader in the community. Louis was instrumental in organizing the Federal Liberal Pacific Caucus meeting in Sólh Téméxw, to meet with SCF, the Stó:lō Chiefs and the non-Indigenous business community. Community Futures British Columbia was a featured partner (along with several other SCF partners) in SCF’s presentation to the Caucus. This was truly a historic event that was made possible by Louis’ drive to the elevate the Indigenous business community on a national agenda.

Louis De Jaeger receives the Al McCracken Memorial Award for his outstanding leadership, dedication to Stó:lō Community Futures, and for his passion for helping Indigenous entrepreneurs and the growth of the Indigenous economy in Sólh Téméxw.

Wendy Smitka

Community Futures Central Island

Wendy SmitkaWendy Smitka has worked tirelessly as a volunteer for Community Futures.  Wendy first joined CF Central Island in 1998 as a director. At that time she also served on the Loans Committee.   

Wendy left CF Central Island after 7 years, in 2005, but rejoined the organization in 2010.  She has been a very active Chair, and now is Vice Chair.  She was instrumental in the revitalization of CF Central Island, the recruitment of new management and forming a more robust board of directors.  She has worked on many sub-committees at CFCI, including our Loans Committee, Audit Committee, Policy Committee and HR Committee.   

Wendy was previously the Chair for Community Futures British Columbia.  She  served for 4 years. She has also been very committed at a provincial level where she was involved in the Investment Fund Strategy, the Modernization Plan and the HR Committee.  

Wendy had the added responsibility of overseeing the Provincial Association while the Executive Director was on medical leave. During this time she did an exceptional job of coordinating and delegating the numerous duties of the board, our multiple committees, staff, also representing us in place of the executive Director at meetings with Pan-West, the National Association, and a presentation at the provincial legislation.  

In addition to her Central Island and British Columbia CF commitments, Wendy has been a driving force within the Island Coastal CF Region.  Wendy is also the Chair of the Venture Connect Board, a joint venture between 6 Island Coastal Community Futures offices.  

Wendy is an avid supporter of Arts and Culture in the community.  She is a member of the Arts/Culture Advisory Committee and is President of Theatre One, a professional theatre company in Nanaimo.  Wendy has given countless hours of dedicated service to Theatre One and acted as their volunteer General Manager for a year when lottery funds were pulled from the arts and they could not afford paid staff.  Wendy kept the company going and in fine form until the return of lottery gaming funds to support administration.   

Wendy resides in Nanaimo with her partner Brock and has two grown children Christine and Jeffrey.   A true entrepreneur she and her husband, Frank, owned and operated their own business, Bridgeway Transport Ltd., from 1991 until its recent sale.  Bridgeway had two locations and employed sixteen staff at that time. 


Vic Harwood

Community Futures North Okanagan

north okanagan nominee vic harwoodVic Harwood has been involved with Community Futures as a volunteer since 1984.  Vic’s long term dedication to the Community Futures’ program is demonstrated through his active participation on various CF committees including the loans committee, the SICEAI committee, the executive committee, and through his willingness to work on complex organizational development issues with the staff.  In addition, Vic is a strong advocate of micro-lending programs and, as such, has worked on developing new program ideas for different lending projects including several initiatives devoted to special needs persons in the community.

Furthermore, Vic has been recruited to work on Canadian international development projects in youth entrepreneurship and small business lending programs. Vic is a hard-working and conscientious addition to the Board of Directors and regularly contributes his time and expertise from an extensive background in banking, finance and real estate to the staff and Board. 

Born and raised in the Vernon area, Vic has a broad understanding of the region. Vic has always been an active promoter of entrepreneurship and has supported many business owners in our community with his expertise in business planning and financial management. Mr. Harwood has also participated in the development and delivery of entrepreneurial and credit training seminars in Russia.


Dave Marshall

Bill Hickman

Don Main

Carol Schmidt

Pat Foster

CFBC Award for Excellence and Innovation

The Community Futures British Columbia Award for Excellence & Innovation is given to a Community Futures office to recognize a unique initiative, project, or loan, that warrants highlighting to the rest of British Columbia.

2019 Winners

2019 Winners, CF Boundary & CF's Cariboo Chilcotin, North Cariboo and Sun Country & CF Boundary

Community Futures Boundary

Community Futures Boundary for The Boundary Flood Recovery

  • Boundary Flood Recovery is a multi-sectoral stakeholder group that was formed under the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary. It was formed in the face B.C.’s worst flooding event in recent history which took place in the Boundary Region in May of 2018, impacting 3000 km’s of riverfront. To date, Boundary Flood Recovery has played an integral role in securing over $60 million of funding for the region.
  • Community Futures Boundary, under the Economic Recovery pillar, was able to provide flexible, much needed lending to impacted businesses along with support for businesses applying for funding from Disaster Financial Assistance and Red Cross.
  • CF Boundary was able to advocate for over $3 million of support, and help to develop grassroots organizations throughout the region, thereby elevating the profile of CF and demonstrating real value to businesses and community in need.
  • This project is easily transferrable to other CF organizations in communities who experience a significant disaster and who are working under a Community led approach to recovery.


Community Futures Cariboo Chilcotin, North Cariboo, Sun Country

Community Futures Cariboo Chilcotin, North Cariboo and Sun Country for The Wildfire Business Transition Training/Coaching Program

  •  The 2017 wildfire season was the worst in BC’s history and had a particularly devastating impact on small businesses in rural communities. In addition to the immediate impacts of property damage and loss of business due to evacuation orders, businesses had to grapple with the longer-term effects on business continuity, including loss of employees, customers and cash flow.
  • The affected Community Futures developed a three-pronged approach that included outreach, financial support, and training.
  • The Training/Coaching component was spearheaded by the three Community Futures of Cariboo Chilcotin, North Cariboo and Sun Country
  • This program lends itself well to transferability and is flexible to be modified for other community disasters and crisis situations.
  • The quick and effective response initiated by Community Futures on this project positively supported the CF Brand provincially, and positioned Community Futures as a preferred vehicle for small business disaster recovery.  Lessons learned from this project will be incorporated into the work of the CFDA Disaster Recovery Framework Initiative.

Central Kootenay

Community Futures Central Kootenay

Presented to: Community Futures Central Kootenay for The Small Business Training Centre

  • The program has been integral in CFCK’s ability to help local and regional businesses be successful.  Since, its inception in 1993, over 4,000 people have accessed training on topics ranging from marketing, to bookkeeping and technology.
  • This program could be implemented in Community Futures locations throughout Canada.  The Centre is transferable in its management and structure, marketing and outreach activities, and the ability to successfully support businesses in their ongoing training needs.

Community Futures Shuswap

The award for Excellence and Innovation goes to Community Futures Shuswap for thei Launch-a-Preneur porgram:

launcha preneur 2

Shuswap Launch-a-Preneur is an entrepreneur support program and pitch competition designed and hosted by Community Futures Shuswap, Enactus, Okanagan College and Salmon Arm Economic Development Society. The purpose of the program is to assist individuals and teams to successfully plan for and launch their business in the Shuswap, while at the same time competing for prize packages in true “Dragon’s Den” fashion!

The program ensures participants have the upfront planning support and resources, as well as on-going support, to ensure their sustainability. Program goals include the following:

  • Support entrepreneurship / Increase business start-up’s in the Shuswap.
  • Provide training and support to ensure business sustainability and growth.
  • Create jobs in the Shuswap Region.
  • Build upon Salmon Arm’s reputation as an entrepreneurial community – developing a community reputation for supporting our small businesses.
  • Promote opportunities for collaboration and networking among new business start-up’s.
  • Establish a Shuswap grown “shop-local” campaign by engaging residents in the program

Following the close of Season 4 of Shuswap Launch-a-preneur:

  • There are 34 businesses currently in operation in the Shuswap Region that were established by individuals that went through the program. This includes a cross-section of business sectors including agriculture, technology and commercial (among others).
  • To date, close to 40% of participants in the Shuswap Launch-a-preneur program proceeded to launch their business. We expect this number to continue to increase over time as participants continue to work to launch their ideas.
  • These 34 businesses are estimated to be employing more than 72 FTE’s, 15 part-time positions, and there are 4 patents pending.
  • Just passing the 5 year mark since the first season of the program (2012), we are only aware of 1 business closure from a participant in the program. At a current business sustainability rate of 97%, we recognize this is a relatively young program and will continue to monitor the success of each business into the future.
  • Each season, over 50 local businesses provide sponsorship consisting of seed capital and in-kind prizes now approaching $40,000/season.
  • More than 20 business leaders from the Shuswap area volunteer to mentor teams on a one-on-one basis throughout the program.
  • Close to 300 community members each season (Sold out crowd) attend the final competition.

The best example of innovation related to Shuswap Launch-a-Preneur program is the approach and ultimately the outcome of community engagement. Through the involvement of the Shuswap community (via partnership, mentorship, sponsorship, sneak peek mini tradeshow, final event night attendance, media and follow-up stories) we have established the building blocks for an entrepreneurial community, one which strongly supports our local businesses and specifically new start-ups. By incorporating diverse opportunities for community members to support this program, what has resulted is a locally developed program which the entire community has taken ownership of. The most amazing part of the Shuswap Launch-a-Preneur program is how our community comes together to support the participants. The support extends well beyond the program and the prize packages and sees our community following their progress for years to come. The whole Shuswap gets behind these entrepreneurs and creates a supportive environment to foster their start-up. Our Final Event Night MC said it best….“It takes a village to raise a child and a community to Launch-a-Preneur!"


Community Futures Alberni-Clayoquot, Cowichan, Central Island, Sunshine Coast, Mount Waddington, and Powell River

The 2016 Award for Excellence and Innovation is presented to Community Futures Alberni-Clayoquot, Cowichan, Central Island, Sunshine Coast, Mount Waddington, and Powell River for their initiative: Venture Connect. 

venture connect

Venture Connect’s focus is on business retention throughout BC during unprecedented demographic shifting and business transitions.

As a subsidiary / working partner with Community Futures throughout BC, economic development is our foundation enabling us to fill a very unique space within the business buy and sell marketplace. We recognize the importance of local knowledge and experience and utilize our collaborative relationships with Community Futures, Economic Development Agencies, Immigration Consultants, Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Government to achieve mutual goals. During fiscal 2017/18, 1,198 buyer / seller matches were made and BC CF wrote 37 succession loans while Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba wrote 5, 1 and 3 respectively.


Community Futures Stó:lō

stolo means businessThe award for Excellence and Innovation is awarded to Community Futures Sto:lo for their initiative "Sto:lo Means Business":

Our Vision

The Vision of Stó:lō Community Futures is for the Stó:lō Traditional Territory to become a leading center of Aboriginal business and entrepreneurial growth within British Columbia. 

With this bold vision, Stó:lō Community Futures and its numerous partners, over the next five years, will be implementing a comprehensive suite of services and support programs focused on establishing Stó:lō as a leading center of Aboriginal business and entrepreneurs in British Columbia. 

In order to achieve the vision, Stó:lō Community Futures supports the growth of Aboriginal entrepreneurs and the economic development of the Aboriginal Communities, within the Stó:lō Traditional Territory, by assisting the communities to develop and diversify their economies by means of strategic planning, business service and access to capital, while also developing an entire suite of support services to encourage Aboriginal entrepreneurial growth in the Stó:lō Territory, which will become a leading center of Aboriginal business and entrepreneurs in British Columbia. 

Our Mission 

Stó:lō Community Futures’ mission is to provide services to Aboriginal entrepreneurs and Stó:lō First Nation Communities within the Stó:lō Traditional Territory, through a wide range of business and economic development services. Stó:lō Community Futures offers entrepreneurial training, has a central business resource centre, helps with obtaining financing and creating business plans. Our Community Services focus on building Stó:lō Communities with community planning, and focuses on youth, business, agriculture, forestry and tourism sector initiatives. 

Our Commitment 

Through partnerships with Aboriginal, non-Aboriginal, and government agencies, Stó:lō Community Futures is committed to building upon community strengths and creating employment opportunities for Aboriginal people. Some of the ways we are able to do this is by building community capacity, diversifying the local Aboriginal economy, attracting new business creating joint venture partnerships with government and the private sector, facilitating investments, expanding existing businesses, and by training and supporting young entrepreneurs. 

STÓ:LŌ MEANS BUSINESS TM is about honoring Aboriginal law and traditions, respecting the land and resources and remembering the history of Stó:lō business and trade.


Community Futures Boundary

brccThe Award for Excellence and Innovation goes to Community Futures Boundary for the creation of the Boundary Country Regional Chamber of Commerce

Over the years, a number of communities in the Boundary region have been served by a variety of business organizations.  However, due to the small population size of the communities in the region, it has been difficult to sustain these organizations in a way that allows them to grow and function effectively for their members and communities.

With the support and encouragement of Community Futures Boundary, it was determined that a Regional Chamber of Commerce would be established to serve businesses throughout the Boundary Region.

A business plan was developed in the fall of 2010 and a Board of Directors comprised of representatives from across the region was assembled.  In March of 2011 a Strategic Planning session was held to assist the Directors of the Proposed Regional Chamber of Commerce to guide the new organization through its start-up year.

The Boundary Regional Chamber of Commerce serves as a voice of business for the entire Boundary Region.  The creation of a Regional Chamber of Commerce strengthens the capacity of the businesses in the region to influence the development of the region and has a positive impact on the area by helping the region move forward in the areas of fostering a strong business climate, quality of life, community development and tourism.

The Boundary Regional Chamber of Commerce proactively promotes the region’s businesses and local communities, through publications, events, advertising and publicity that will allow its members to promote their organizations and businesses collectively.  The organization provides businesses with increased networking opportunities which, in turn, will result in facilitating the increased purchase of local products and services, as well as an increased ability to support community events.  It strengthens the business community’s capacity to be more effective in developing the region’s tourism sector.

The creation of the Boundary Regional Chamber of Commerce has strengthened the capacity of businesses in the region to make a unique impact on the area, by helping the region move forward in the areas of fostering a strong business climate, quality of life, community development and tourism.  This was possible through the strength of coming together as a Regional business community and accomplishing tasks that one individual business or a single community business organization could not achieve alone.  

Learn more


Community Futures Northern Region

magazine1The award for Excellence and Innovation is awarded to the Community Futures offices in the Northern region: Cariboo Chilcotin, Pacific Northwest, North Cariboo, Nadina, Fort George, Haida Gwaii, Stuart Nechako, 16/37 and Peace Liard for the CF  Northern BC Magazine Initiative:

The CF Northern BC Magazine is about showcasing a cross section of businesses and initiatives that have been successful becasue of the local CFs support and/or involvement. It is a no cost promotional tool that the northern offices use to market our respective services and demonstrate to external sources (Including: local, regional. provincial and federal governments) some of the great work that CFs are doing across the respective regions.

The CF Northern BC Magazine was initiated by the Northern Regional Network in 2012. The 2012 magazine was a great success with 4,500 copies of the magazine being distribtued across the noerthern region, at Globe BC 2012, and has been shared with respective government representatives. In addtion to 4,500 hard copies of the magazine being distributed, each CF has a digital copy available on their website. The 2012 publication raised the profile of CFs across the north as the businesses profiled wanted to share the fact they were featured with family, friends and community, local government leaders took pride in pointing out their local businesses and the intiatives that support their communities, and our community volunteers took pride in being able to stimulate business and community pride in what CFs have done for them. It also enhanced our volunteers pride on what they do, as they can visually show what their contribution to CF does for the businesses and communities across their respective region.


Don McMillan Memorial Award

Given to an individual or group (staff or volunteer) in recognition of an outstanding contribution to community development

al mccrakenDon McMillan was the driving force behind the Nanaimo Community Employment Advisory Society (NCEAS) in April 1975. NCEAS was a solid indication of Don’s forward thinking and true care for the community he loved. It was founded in an effort to fight the region’s high unemployment and stabilize the economic base through economic diversification.  

In June of 1987, the NCEAS was selected to act as the federally-funded Business Development Centre (BDC) of the then newly-established Central Island Community Futures Committee –and the stage was set for Community Futures Central Island to become one of the first Community Futures Offices in Canada.

Much of Don’s life was committed to community activism.  Although originally trained and employed as a welder, Don spent many years helping and counseling individuals as the Manager of a Crisis and Drug Treatment Center.  Don became convinced however, that long term social change could only be achieved if those traditionally excluded from economic decision making could become economically empowered.  Thus, Don and a small group of local individuals came together to form NCEAS.

For the next 22 years, Don served as the General Manager of NCEAS nurturing it into one of the most successful CED organizations in the country.  NCEAS received national and international attention as a model for community development and is often credited with helping to establish the CED program now known as Community Futures.

In building the NCEAS into a highly successful organization, Don never lost his focus and passion for helping the INDIVIDUAL, and assisting those segments of the community left out of mainstream development.  In the words of one of Don’s friends: “Don devoted his working life to helping the less fortunate among us, and working with the unemployed.  He approached the issue with three clear philosophies:

First, Don believed that local problems are solved by people working together to find local solutions.  We know what is best for Nanaimo, and we must take control of our own destiny. 

Second, he believed that local solutions were just around the corner if we could only find a way to cooperate more amongst ourselves. 

Third, he believed in action.  Progress is only possible if we act.  He was always seeking the answer to the question: What next?  What else can we do?”

In April 1997, Don passed away.  The Don McMillan Award is given to an individual or group (staff or volunteer) in recognition of an outstanding contribution to community development.

Debra Arnott

Community Futures Sun Country


In Deb's 27 years with Community Futures, she has been involved in so much.  

She was a strong voice for CF on the Province’s Rural Advisory Council which provided input on government policy decisions to support rural communities, and resulted in the creation of the Rural Dividend Fund. She then pushed to give CF’s access to funding as applicants.

When the wildfires hit BC, she reached out immediately to the businesses in her region to learn how her Community Futures could help.  She teamed up with the other CF offices and CFBC and the end result, the Wildfire Business Transition Project.  This work set precedence for future disaster recovery in BC.  

Wanda Zink

Community Futures Central Island

wanda zinkWanda Zink was awarded the Don McMillan award for her continued contribution to the Community Futures Network. She began her journey with Community Futures in 1979 and, after 40 years, she has done it all; she’s acted as a financial analyst, receptionist, business analyst and self-employment coordinator, providing the continuity that has kept the longest operating CF moving forward.

She was instrumental in the development of numerous systems, policies and procedures that allowed the organization to remain relevant and forward for four decades.

Bob Annis

bob annisIn Bob’s long and distinguished career in community economic development, he has been a researcher, professor, speaker and practitioner. He has been passionate about economic development and the health and prosperity of rural communities in Canada for more than 25 years.

Bob has volunteered with the following organizations in various roles:

  • Research Affiliate - Rural Development Institute Brandon University 
  • Past President of the Board - CRRF Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation 
  • Institute Fellow - CRPS International Comparative Rural Policy Studies 
  • Director - Rural Development Institute Brandon University 
  • PSS committee member - CCEDnet volunteer 

In all his working life, volunteering for Community Futures has been a constant for him. Bob’s journey with Community Futures started in Manitoba as a volunteer at a local CF. Bob went on to volunteer at the Provincial Associations Board and then to the Pan West Board from 2004-2009. He also served on the CF Pan Canadian Board.

In 2009, Bob retired and became a resident of beautiful Cobble Hill BC. He quickly reconnected with Community Futures and volunteered at the Community Futures Cowichan office. In 2013, he became a director at Community Futures BC and has since become chair and once more represents Community Futures office at the Pan West table.

In all these roles, across many organizations, he has perfected the role of Leadership around a Board or Committee table. He builds consensus, facilitates action and injects a little fun. Bob is a leader by example and a teacher at heart. More than just his academic and volunteer accomplishments, Bob stands out for his genuine character and personality.

Lori Camire

Community Futures Alberni-Clayoquot

lori camireLori Camire has led the CF Alberni-Clayoquot office as Executive Director since April of 1998. Since then, she has been committed to a wide variety of community economic development initiatives including but not limited to Business Opportunities Summit, Tofino Housing Corporation, Self-Employment Project, Island Coastal Group, Venture Connect and most recently the Facade Improvement Program. The success of these programs can be attributed to Lori's vision, leadership and understanding of the importance of partnerships between community social and economic development agencies.

Although Lori's contributions are lengthy and noteworthy we will focus on her leadership in the development of Venture Connect, a subsidiary corporation of 6 Community Futures Island Coast offices. Focusing on demographic shifting and business succession, Venture Connect strives to connect business owners with business buyers thereby ensuring that rural communities stay strong and vibrant. Lori was instrumental in developing the Venture Connect website and the Buy BC Businesses booklet which connects sellers in BC with buyers from all over the world. Listings from Real Estate Agents are uploaded to the website and automatically cross promoted on The Province of BC Trade and Investment site, a partnership that Lori established in 2015. From a small Island Coast initiative to an organization that is currently promoted in every region of the province, Venture Connect has not only assisted rural communities, but has enhanced the Community Futures profile throughout the province, country and internationally. 

Shirley Culver

Community Futures Thompson Country

culver shirley

Shirley Culver started her career with CF Thompson Country in March of 1989 and has been a passionate contributor to the organization and community ever since. She leads by example and always thinks about how we can be a better community. Her tireless efforts and personal sacrifices have not gone unnoticed; she’s devoted her free time and personal finances to assist individuals in the community over the years. She is a true community advocate. 

Shirley came to CF Thompson Country with a background in farming and as such has been a catalyst and a champion for many agricultural initiatives including the Farm2chef program, community markets, agriculture incubator, 12-month markets, wildfire fence rebuilding projects, autumn bounty, and much more. Although her passion lies with agriculture, she has been involved with several other successful initiatives from Communities in Bloom to hospice house work. She really goes the extra mile with each client. 

Even on her time off, Shirley is constantly striving to better her community and is a constant reflection of her commitment to Community Futures as she holds herself to the highest standard of personal integrity – it’s no wonder she is so well connected and respected. 

Shirley is the epitome of the Community Futures organization as she embodies the philosophy day-in and day-out with relentless dedication and loyalty. Throughout her 26+ years of commitment, Shirley has become a beacon of extensive knowledge, experience, and is a key community connection that has undoubtedly led to many organization and community wide successes.    

Jolynn Green

Community Futures Central Island

jolynn green

Jolynn joined the CF movement in 1998 as General Manager for CF Cranbrook. There she increased organizational capacity, generated revenue and increased income opportunities. She doubled the loan portfolio to $8 million by accessing additional lending capital, creating a training corporation and relocating with an expansion of 1,500 sq feet to 4500 sq feet, a $75 thousand capital project fully paid for by generated profits. 

In 2001 Jolynn joined CFDC (Peace Laird) Fort St John where she steered the organization through substantial organization change leading to better governance and results.

Jolynn then left Community Futures for work in the private sector but we were never far from her mind. In 2003 she enrolled at Royal Road in a Master of Arts- Leadership and Training degree. She graduated in 2005 with a GPA of 4.0. Community Futures BC sponsored her thesis “Our Leadership – Our Future” which looked at the future of Community Futures and its succession planning strategy.

Jolynn was hired as Executive Director Central Island in July 2010. At the time, they were experiencing a number of challenges, including an underperforming loans portfolio. Jolynn proved she is resourceful, creative and a visionary. Jolynn saw a need to raise our profile within the community and to reduce confusion around what we do (and don’t do) as lenders. Working with Jon Close of Alberta and Taiji Brand Group, she spearheaded a marketing campaign to help shift Community Futures from “lenders of last resort” for new start-ups to “value-added lenders” for expanding, high potential entrepreneurs. She then partnered with the Island Coastal group to develop and implement the campaign.  This campaign has now gone across Pan West.  

Darryl Willoughby

Community Futures Revelstoke


Darryl came to CF Revelstoke in 1988, bringing expertise in establishing small business development corporations, business advisory and financing services, experience in implementing a major community development initiative, familiarity with delivering educational development programs and an appreciation for outdoor recreation.

In 1995, when the Business Development Centre merged with the Community Futures Society to become the Revelstoke CFDC, Darryl inherited the role of managing CED services along with business advisory and financing services. He collaborates with the municipal CED department and Chamber of Commerce to combine resources and operate a one-stop shop for business development services.

Darryl was successful in establishing the small business loan fund and maintaining its integrity and value. Darryl's understanding of CED and his knowledge of funding sources helped with early projects around literacy, life skills and removing barriers to workforce participation. 

Darryl is a strong advocate for improving the community’s social economy. He supports training programs and equal access to education, essential for a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.  He encourages staff and directors to participate in CED initiatives and CED training.  

His compassion for improving the livelihood of all members of the community, in particular those with disadvantages, is evident in his approach to delivering CED projects.  He is respectful of cultural differences and practices broad based consultation in community planning exercises. He participates in many community projects such as creating the Revelstoke Vision, developing strategic community action plans, implementing business marketing studies, supporting the Revelstoke Community Foundation, planning events and promoting volunteerism.

Mary Ellen Heidt

Barrie Wilbee

Wendy McCulloch

Community Futures Boundary

wendy m cheryl october 2017 2

Wendy assumed the role of General Manager of Community Futures Boundary in June 2005.  She has worked diligently with the Boundary Community, Board of Directors, Staff, and Stakeholders to foster a collaborative approach to economic development and labour market issues in the region. She has spent over 16 years in the Community Futures Program provincially. Other employment experience includes Okanagan University College and the Business Development Bank.

Wendy spent many years self-employed, owning and operating a variety of business ventures including a Gulf Service Centre, McDonalds Restaurant, and hardware and development enterprises. She is very involved in the volunteer movement locally and is currently a member of the Rotary Club of Grand Forks.

Feature Loan Award

Since 1985 Community Futures organizations have been lending money to small businesses throughout BC and across Canada.  

Unlike most financial institutions, CF’s are not a formula lender, but instead assess every business venture on the basis of its own merit. CF’s also have the ability to explore financing for businesses that are unable to secure capital under reasonable terms and conditions from traditional lenders.  In fact, in some cases CF’s are also prepared to consider a position of higher risk than other lenders.  CF’s create and support the entrepreneurial spirit in rural communities throughout BC and across Canada and their commitment to helping small businesses start and expand. 

All this unique lending flexibility and related supports for rural SME’s has lent itself to some very innovative loans written by CF’s.

This feature loan award gives CFs the opportunity to showcase a significant loan from the past year. 

Kootenay Carshare Cooperative

Community Futures Central Kootenay


In May 2019, the Community Futures Central Kootenay Loan Committee approved lending $54,000 to the Kootenay Carshare Co-operative (KCC) to help the organization purchase two Hyundai Kona electric vehicles and charging stations.  

KCC is known for its reliable vehicles, affordable rates and environmentally responsible transportation alternatives. In recent years, there’s been increasing public sensitivity towards the adverse effect of emissions from gas-powered vehicles on the environment. This prompted KCC to begin exploring the possibility of adding electric vehicles to its fleet. Now with the purchase price of a Hyundai Kona under $50,000 and government subsidies available for buyers of electric vehicles, the timing was right to buy.  

KCC came to Community Futures to finance one of their electric vehicles.

This loan supports clean technology adoption and aligns with Western Economic Diversification’s priority to transform resource sectors by investing in cleaner resource development.

Investment Fund Portfolio Award

Awarded to a Community Futures office that has demonstrated excellence and a robust investment portfolio, with significant growth. One that assists in the expansion of new and innovative businesses across sectors and at different business stages, is accessible to all members of the community.

Community Futures Central Island

The Investment Fund Award is presented to a Community Futures office with a robust investment portfolio that has shown significant growth and assisted in the expansion of new and innovative businesses, across sectors and at different business stages. The investment fund should be accessible to all members of the local community.

The Investment Fund Award Table Summary

Submission Items


Loan Growth


$ leveraged from other sources


Portfolio Growth


Bad Debt Expense


Cash on Hand


Loans made in Fiscal year by demographic sectors:








Evidence of loans made in Fiscal to full business cycle


New start-up




Change of Ownership


Evidence of loan made in Fiscal to cross section of industry sectors:






Export Companies






New Technology & Innovation


Evidence of setting and reaching loan targets:



Number of Loans



Dollar Value of Loans Made




Community Futures Greater Trail

The Investment Fund Award is presented to a Community Futures office with a robust investment portfolio that has shown significant growth and assisted in the expansion of new and innovative businesses, across sectors and at different business stages. The investment fund should be accessible to all members of the local community. 

Submission Items


Loan Growth


$ leveraged from other sources


Portfolio Growth


Bad Debt Expense


Cash on Hand


Loans made in Fiscal year by demographic sectors:








Evidence of loans made in Fiscal to full business cycle


New start-up




Change of Ownership


Evidence of loan made in Fiscal to cross section of industry sectors:






Export Companies






New Technology & Innovation


Evidence of setting and reaching loan targets:



Number of Loans



Dollar Value of Loans Made



Community Futures Stó:lō


The Investment Fund Award is presented to a Community Futures office with a robust investment portfolio that has shown significant growth and assisted in the expansion of new and innovative businesses, across sectors and at different business stages. The investment fund should be accessible to all members of the local community. 

Submission Items                      %
Loan Growth                           278
$ leveraged from other sources                      63
Portfolio Growth                      69
Bad Debt Expense                       2
Cash on Hand                      12
Loans made in Fiscal year by demographic sectors:  
                                                                                                    Aboriginal                     100
                                                                                                           Youth                      29
                                                                                                      Disabled                       8 
Evidence of loans made in Fiscal to full business cycle  
                                                                                                New start-up                      58
                                                                                                   Expansion                      42
                                                                                 Change of Ownership                       0
Evidence of loan made in Fiscal to cross section of industry sectors:  
                                                                                                   Agriculture                       8
                                                                                             Manufacturing                       4
                                                                                      Export Companies                       0
                                                                                                       Tourism                       8
                                                                                                          Retail                      13
                                                                    New Technology & Innovation                        0
Evidence of setting and reaching loan targets: Target Actual
                                                                                        Number of Loans         6          24
                                                                        Dollar Value of Loans Made $200,000 $893,057

Community Futures Mount Waddington

The Investment Fund Award is presented to a Community Futures office with a robust investment portfolio that has shown significant growth and assisted in the expansion of new and innovative businesses, across sectors and at different business stages. The investment fund should be accessible to all members of the local community. 

Submission Items                      %
Loan Growth                      47
$ leveraged from other sources                       79
Portfolio Growth                      30
Bad Debt Expense                      1.6
Cash on Hand                      17
Loans made in Fiscal year by demographic sectors:  
                                                                                                    Aboriginal                      10
                                                                                                           Youth                       0
                                                                                                      Disabled                      10
Evidence of loans made in Fiscal to full business cycle  
                                                                                                New start-up                      52
                                                                                                    Expansion                      14
                                                                                  Change of Ownership                      14
Evidence of loan made in Fiscal to cross section of industry sectors:  
                                                                                                    Agriculture                       5
                                                                                              Manufacturing                      10
                                                                                       Export Companies                       0
                                                                                                        Tourism                      10
                                                                                                           Retail                      10
                                                                     New Technology & Innovation                        0
Evidence of setting and reaching loan targets:     Target     Actual
                                                                                         Number of Loans        10         21
                                                                        Dollar Value of Loans Made $800,000 $1,870,451

Community Futures Okanagan Similkameen

The Investment Fund Award is presented to a Community Futures office with a robust investment portfolio that has shown significant growth and assisted in the expansion of new and innovative businesses, across sectors and at different business stages. The investment fund should be accessible to all members of the local community. 

Community Futures Sunshine Coast

The Investment Fund Award is presented to a Community Futures office with a robust investment portfolio that has shown significant growth and assisted in the expansion of new and innovative businesses, across sectors and at different business stages. The investment fund should be accessible to all members of the local community. 

Community Futures Cowichan

The Investment Fund Award is presented to a Community Futures office with a robust investment portfolio that has shown significant growth and assisted in the expansion of new and innovative businesses, across sectors and at different business stages. The investment fund should be accessible to all members of the local community. 

Community Futures Central Kootenay

The Investment Fund Award is presented to a Community Futures office with a robust investment portfolio that has shown significant growth and assisted in the expansion of new and innovative businesses, across sectors and at different business stages. The investment fund should be accessible to all members of the local community. 

Community Futures 16/37

The Investment Fund Award is presented to a Community Futures office with a robust investment portfolio that has shown significant growth and assisted in the expansion of new and innovative businesses, across sectors and at different business stages. The investment fund should be accessible to all members of the local community. 

Community Futures Cariboo-Chilcotin

The Investment Fund Award is presented to a Community Futures office with a robust investment portfolio that has shown significant growth and assisted in the expansion of new and innovative businesses, across sectors and at different business stages. The investment fund should be accessible to all members of the local community. 

Community Partnership Award

This award recognizes partnerships between Community Futures offices and other organizations or stakeholders, that are creative and powerful opportunities for advancing the economic development and sustainability of a specific location or region. An award is given to both a Provincial Partner and a community partner.

Imagine Kootenay

Community Futures Central Kootenay

Imagine Kootenay (IK) is a unique investment and workforce attraction partnership that promotes the Kootenay and Boundary region online at With 10 municipal and regional district partners, Imagine Kootenay takes a collaborative approach to supporting business succession planning, investment attraction and workforce development. 

Among the most popular features of the IK website is a free listing service for marketing investment opportunities and businesses for sale that provides provincial, national, and international exposure. The partnership has been successful in supporting the transitions of numerous small businesses across the region.

The Imagine Kootenay partnership is managed by Community Futures Central Kootenay (CFCK). For the past 12 years, the partnership has grown members, evolved its services and continues to be successful in its goal to raise the profile of the Kootenay and Boundary region as well as supporting business succession planning and connecting investors to Kootenay business opportunities.


Community Futures Stó:lō

The strong partnership between SCF and Vancity has grown, diversified and expanded since the start of the partnership in 2014. The hallmark throughout has been Vancity’s unwavering commitments to respect Stó:lō culture and traditional values and implement the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the rights of Indigenous peoples under UNDRIP, the UN Declaration of Indigenous rights.

Grounded in a continuous and respectful recognition of Stó:lō Indigenous rights and title, the SCF and Vancity partnership has developed and strengthened on many fronts. 

Examples of some of the results:

  • SCF/Vancity Stó:lō Community Loan Fund (SCLF)
  • Aboriginal BEST – With three Aboriginal BESTs funded by Vancity
  • Each One, Grow One (EOGO) – Various Stó:lō Communities
  • SCF/Vancity Indigenous Impact Investment Fund
  • Champions within Vancity

Provincial Partnership Award

This award recognizes partnerships between Community Futures offices and other organizations or corporations, that are creative and powerful opportunities for advancing the economic development and sustainability of the province as a whole. An award is given to both a Provincial Partner and a community partner.

Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology

All of our provincial partnerships are extremely valuable and beneficial in advancing our objectives. However, one provincial partner in particular hit it out of the park this year. That is the Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology thanks to their support of the Export Navigator Program.   

Export Navigator started as a Pilot Project of the Ministry in September 2016 and ran for 3 years, with an extension for an additional year. The pilot started with 3 CF's and expanded to 6.  Export Navigator was transitioned into a full phledged program in April 2019 with the addition of 2 more CF delivery agencies, for a total of 10 program partners.

The Export Navigator Program is a partnership, with support provided by the Province of B.C. through the Ministry of Jobs, Trade & Technology, the Government of Canada, Small Business BC, 7 Community Futures organizations and Women's Entreprise Centre.

Objectives of the program are to:

1. Create one point of contact for businesses and provide support throughout all stages of the export process

2. Build regional support networks in each of the Pilot regions by fostering communication and collaboration among organizations with a mandate to promote and support the development of BC businesses

3. Work with partner organizations to fully leverage their expertise, knowledge and services to efficiently and effectively advance business export goals

4. Identify the feasibility of expansion to additional communities across the Province as funding permits. 

Annual Performance Measures include:

1. 10 to 30 companies entering the Pilot per region

2. 50% of participants advancing on the export continuum

3. 25% of participants entering the Pilot by way of referral (measures service integration)

4. 10% of participants exporting after 12 months of participation in the Export Navigator program

As of March 2019, 317 businesses have been accepted and 304 referrals have been made to date. 

As a result of the expansion of the program, service contracts have been renewed and signed, new export advisors have been hired, technology and new metrics are being tracked, a brand refresh has transpired, and 3 export seminars have been hosted (to name just a few) all since Spring 2019. 

The partnership between the CF network, in particular the 7 Export Navigator CF's, with the Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology is an excellent example of what can be done when government and organizations work together in support of small businesses in rural communities across BC.

Western Economic Diversification

Partnerships between Community Futures Network and provincial organizations can help to strengthen the Network as a whole, often by providing investment and access to projects and other initiatives. 

This award recognizes WD's impact on partnership and development support of CFBC and BC CF Network. 

Volunteer of the Year

The annual Volunteer of the Year Award is given to an individual in each Community Futures office who has demonstrated outstanding service in the field of community and business development.

Community Futures Okanagan Similkameen

Brenda Gould


Over the last year there has been considerable change and mountains we have had to climb in terms of staffing and board changeover.  Brenda maintained her composure during a challenging time and found us amazing staff to bring us into the future of our organization! As I am newer to the board, she has been a fantastic mentor and taken the time to coach and include me along the way.

Community Futures Greater Trail

Frank Marino


Frank is the Chair of our Board of Directors and Chair of CFGT’s Board Development Committee.  He also sits on our Loans and Audit Committees.  He works tirelessly serving our communities and businesses, consistently attending community functions to represent our organization.

Community Futures Mount Waddington

Fred Robertson


Fred became a CFMW member and joined our Board of Directors July 7, 2017.  Fred arrived in Port Hardy in 1989 where he and his wife raised their three boys. He is a retired school teacher and during his 25-year teaching career he also served as President of the Vancouver Island North Teachers Association.

Fred has been a councillor with the District of Port Hardy for 2 terms beginning in 2014.  Fred serves on several Council Committees including the Executive Committee, Finance Committee, First Nations Relations Committee among several others.

Fred’s community volunteer leadership experience is also extensive. He has served many years with Port Hardy Minor Hockey, the Vancouver Island North Woodlands Advisory Group and the BC Teachers Federation Executive to name a few. We are proud to name Fred Robertson as Community Futures Mt. Waddington Volunteer of the Year.

Community Futures Cowichan

Janna Jorgensen


Janna Jorgensen joined the Community Futures Cowichan Board in 2016 and currently serves as Past Chair. Her calling in life is to help awesome people linked to worthy causes do amazing things! As an organizational leadership & development consultant and facilitator, Janna has shared her professional toolbox of knowledge around succession planning and recruitment, which is a valuable resource for CFC staff and volunteers. Janna is a fifth generation Vancouver Islander and lives in Shawnigan Lake with her husband, Paul. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Victoria. Janna’s community service includes serving on several not-for-profit boards, serving as a volunteer member of a commission, and helping local communities establish grassroots volunteer programs. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities, boating, reading and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Community Futures Central Island

Jeremy Jones


Jeremy Jones joined Community Futures as a volunteer on our Loans Committee in 2015. He has been a valued member of the committee and to the staff as his rounded acumen in business and lending has been an asset to decision making and supporting the mandate of CF lending. 

Jeremy’s experience working for the BDC and now Canadian Western Bank provides our committee with commercial lending expertise, but even better he has become a valued partner in our referral network. Jeremy has been a keen advocate of partnered lending and we greatly appreciate his support, outlook and in depth understanding of how CF and financial institutions can work together to assist a client.

Community Futures Boundary

Joe Sioga


Our nominee, Joe Sioga, joined the Community Futures Boundary Board in May 2013. He owns and operates a storage and towing company in Christina Lake and is a strong advocate for small business across this region. He’s always willing to take additional responsibilities on and played an integral role in recent discussions at the Board level, about a potential operational project that took a significant amount of his time and energy. He did all this with a smile and went over and above consistently. He is an active member of our Loan Committee and sits at the Grand Forks & Boundary Enterprise Centre Development Corp. We are proud of the work he does in his community and for Community Futures Boundary.

Community Futures Cariboo-Chilcotin

John Hack


John has volunteered his time with Community Futures for over 24 years. He has been a member of CF Cariboo-Chilcotin’s Loans Committee for most of this time. He is famous for asking his “Plan B question”. At the last AGM was nominated and accepted as Chairman of our Board. 

John is a successful owner of multiple businesses providing services in Williams Lake the Cariboo Chilcotin and surrounding areas. This include telecommunications, computer and copier solutions and security for home and businesses. John is a very involved and active member in the Williams Lake community, volunteering with many other organizations including Rotary. Big thank you John for your commitment and humour throughout the years.

Community Futures North Fraser

Manny Deol


Born and raised in Mission, Manny has been a professional Real Estate Agent and Residential Builder since 2010. As a local resident and realtor, he is passionate about the entrepreneurial spirit, small businesses, and the growth and development of Mission which has translated into his time volunteering for many programs including being a Director of Community Futures. He has been on the CF North Fraser Board of Directors since 2013 and is their past Chair. Manny also dedicates his time as a director at the Mission Chamber of Commerce and sits on their Government Relations Committee as well as being Government Relations Liaison for the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board. Manny is a father of 2 young children and has been married since 2015. When he has free time, he loves to spend it with family and his hobbies include a good book or going to the gym.

Community Futures Powell River

Lisa Daniels


Lisa is an active member of our community, who is passionate about small business and sustainable agriculture. Lisa is the co-owner of Windfall Farm, a small family-run mixed farm located in Wildwood that produces the best certified organic garlic.

Lisa worked over 20 years for Inclusion Powell River with Employment Services and the Better at Home program for seniors. In addition to volunteering with Community Futures, she is a Director for the Powell River Farmers’ Agricultural Institute and is a member of PR Women in Business.

Her commitment to growing a healthy community is evident as Lisa goes above and beyond to attend all local small business workshops, seminars, and networking events where she is a strong advocate for Community Futures. For those reasons we nominate her as Volunteer of the Year in 2020.

Since her short time on the board as a director, Lisa Daniels has proven to be an enthusiastic and positive board member.  She enriches our board with her insightful knowledge to the agricultural community.

Community Futures South Fraser

Meghan Larson


Meghan Larson has been a valued board member since 2016.  She became the Chair of our CFSF board in June of 2018. In 2019, Meghan bravely led our organization through difficult challenges and changes with determination, grace and vision. She has worked tirelessly and collaboratively to re-build our organization from the ground up.  She has dedicated endless hours to assist the board in understanding Community Futures’ mandate and our commitment to WED.  Her faithfulness to our community has been fierce and now she has become a champion for our team.   We wish to honour her for all her hard work as our community volunteer. 

Community Futures North Okanagan

Michele Blais


Michele has been a key member of the CFNO Board of Directors for 6 years. Her background working in the community services/health sector has brought a valuable perspective and balance to the Board. Michele has been Chairperson of the HR Committee for 3 years and in this role, has been a tremendous support and sounding board for the leadership team. Michele has introduced performance management processes that has allowed for the growth and development of senior team members and engaged staff and the community in an inclusive way. Her work in developing policy guidelines and implementation tools will have a lasting impact on the organization well into the future. CFNO is very grateful for Michele’s volunteerism and lasting contribution to the Board.

Community Futures Stó:lō

Nancy Murphy


Nancy Murphy is a Seabird Island Band Community Member and has been a Stó:lō Community Futures (SCF) Board Member since February, 2013.  Nancy is a Professional Aboriginal Economic Developer and received the Aboriginal Financial Officer Association of Canada designation as a Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager. She has also served as a Board Member of the First Nations Financial Management Board and is currently the Housing Administrator/Advisor for Soowahlie First Nation.  Nancy has focused on improving the quality of life for First Nations people by providing advisory services to First Nation administration on education, health, human resources, housing, policy, financial management, capacity development, community planning, project management, economic development, land management and governance. Nancy’s expertise and dedication to the Indigenous businesses and Stó:lō Communities SCF serves is never-ending, which extends to her shared knowledge and valued time as an SCF Board Member.

Community Futures Sun Country

Scott Medlock


We have had the privilege of having Scott in the CF Network for several years. Scott had termed out and after taking a one-year sabbatical he applied to be considered as a board member. Scott provides support and sage advice to his peers. Scott is respected in the region, very engaged in local projects and a leadership role in the local government. If there is an activity in the community, you know that Scott is sitting around the table providing the support necessary.

Community Futures Revelstoke

Shannon van Goor

van goor

Shannon van Goor was born and raised in Revelstoke and has been an entrepreneur most of her time here. She did spend a short while outside of the community when she attended university, earning a business degree with a focus on tourism and event planning. Being a mother of two young girls and working with her husband in their family business, she is very busy. She has always found time to be been very engaged in the community. She has been with the CF organization for 7 years as a director and also sits on the Executive and Loans committees. She is our representative appointee to the City of Revelstoke’s Social Development Committee. Whenever CF Revelstoke is hosting events, Shannon is always amongst the first to sign up to help out. Just a couple of examples are helping out at our volunteer fair and stepping up to help out for our conference, even bringing her daughters to instill volunteerism at a young age. Outside of Community Futures, she has been very involved with the Revelstoke and District Humane Society because of her love for animals.

Community Futures Okanagan Similkameen

Tessa King


Tessa Joined the Community Futures Volunteer Board in January 2019.  In a short time, she has become invaluable to the organization. She is our Treasurer, and currently sits on the Loan Committee and Governance Committee. She has proven to be very dependable, attending nearly every meeting. Her advice regarding accounting systems and controls has made our CF stronger for years to come. She is always eager to help (even during tax season!). She has our CF’s best interests in mind when decision making.

Tessa is a Senior Manager at Grant Thornton in Penticton and focuses on clients in private business as well as audits for non-profit organizations throughout the area. This experience has given her the financial literacy and understanding of financial management while growing a new business.  

Community Futures Alberni-Clayoquot

Todd Patola


We are pleased to recognize Todd Patola, Vice Chair for Community Futures Alberni-Clayoquot as our Volunteer of the Year for 2020. Todd became a member of Community Futures Alberni-Clayoquot in June 2010 as a volunteer on our Self-Employment Committee. Since that time Todd has been actively engaged in our committees and our Board of Directors where he now acts as Vice Chair.

Outside of Community Futures you will find Todd engaged with many of the volunteer organizations working tirelessly for the betterment of our community, including social housing, mental health, addictions, and support services. Todd is also the current President for the local branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association. Outside of volunteering, Todd enjoys travelling, racing cars, reducing his energy consumption and growing his hair every year to play Santa.

Community Futures Nicola Valley

Tom Reynolds


Tom was born in Vancouver, graduated from Point Grey High School and went on to UBC where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Canadian History and then obtained his Professional Teacher’s Certificate. Tom worked in the Municipal field for 33 years with 28 of those in a senior position. Tom and Shirley arrived in Merritt in 2003, were Tom joined the City of Merritt as their Finance Manager. Tom retired in 2009 and continues to be involved in several community organizations, including the Nicola Watershed Community Round Table, Nicola Valley Explorers, the Merritt Centennials, the Merritt Country Run and numerous other non-Profit Groups. Tom tells his story and promotes Merritt and the Nicola Valley as a blogger for Experience Nicola Valley. He joined Community Futures in the summer of 2015.

Community Futures Central Kootenay

Tyler Rice


Tyler Rice joined the CFCK Board of Directors in 2018. He is an active member of our board, the Chair (since October 2019) of the Self-Employment (SE) and Cannabis Business Transition Initiative (CBTI) Committee, Board Member and Treasurer of the West Kootenay Boundary Community Investment Coop (WKBCIC), and a guest speaker and engaged participant on our Business Community Weekly Roundtable on COVID-19. He has actively supported the development of the cannabis processing facility. He is also busy with other volunteer activities including assistant coaching Nelson Minor Hockey (Atom & Novice) and Nelson Soccer Association (U10 & U8 Assistant Coach); North Shore Fire Department; volunteer Board Member of the Chamber of Mines of Eastern BC; and Treasurer of the Redfish Elementary School P.A.C. Tyler has assisted with a feasibility study, and creation of the governance structure for a cannabis processing cooperative, which would provide Health Canada licensed packaging and value-added manufacturing to support cultivation facilities.

Community Futures Sunshine Coast

Vickie Morris


Vickie joined the CF Board in 2016 and in less than a year found herself accepting the role of Board Chair of Volunteer Sunshine Coast and the Board Chair of Rhiza Capital. Over the past four years, Vickie has led the board through governance training, an expanded recruitment and orientation process, and integrating a social finance and social innovation lens into its decision-making and influence. Vickie is an active Chair, lending her time, expertise, and voice to key initiatives on the Sunshine Coast, as well as the Island Coastal Network and to CFBC. She spends considerable time planning and Chairing each Board meeting, balancing governance with opportunities to engage and learn. Board meetings often dedicate time to generative conversations focused around climate change, long term sustainability of Community Futures, impact investing and utilizing the organization's influence and assets to address emerging social issues. Since Vickie has been Chair, the Board and committees have experienced minimal turnover, and an increased interest from qualified citizens to participate in the work of Community Futures Sunshine Coast.

Community Futures 16/37

Braunwyn Henwood

braunwyn henwood 2

Braunwyn’s pragmatic approach and her enthusiasm for community initiatives enhance the quality of life in the Hazeltons. Braunwyn’s life is anchored in three basic beliefs: a person must give back to the community; if a need is evident, a person does not ask but acts to meet the need; and a wheelchair is not a barrier to achieving what you believe. She is the volunteer liaison for Measuring Up the North and was involved with fundraising for the new Skate Board and Bike Park in Hazelton. She championed the Skeena Bakery, a business operated by people with disabilities. She is an elected councillor for the District of New Hazelton and advocates for making the Hazeltons a better and safer place to live, work and play. In 2013 she received the BC Community Achievement Award. In her nominator’s words, “Braunwyn Henwood is a GIFT to our community.” She has been a director with Community Futures 16/37 since November 2012.

Community Futures Central Kootenay

Charlotte Ferreux


Charlotte is the CEO of Thrive Coaching & Consulting, providing high performance coaching, leadership training and inspiration to clients globally. She’s managed multi-million-dollar operations/teams for other companies like Lululemon Athletica and has created a 6-figure organization that has pivoted to being primarily online. She’s been practicing & coaching personal development for over 15 years, as well as having 20+ years of restaurant, retail and fashion industry experience, primarily in leadership and senior management roles.

A past Self-Employment program client, Charlotte is a resident of Castlegar, where she sits on the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. She’s an engaged member of her community who brings entrepreneurial, leadership, human resources and online skills to our Board. Charlotte joined the CFCK Board in 2015, is a member of the Nominating Committee, Chairs the Self Employment Committee and became the Vice Chair in 2017. In September 2018 Charlotte joined the CFBC Board of Directors.

Community Futures Cowichan

Dana Thorne

dana thorne

Dana began volunteering with Community Futures Cowichan in 2015 and was appointed to the Board of Directors. As the Associate Director of Housing for Cowichan Tribes, she brings a keen interest in economic development and a willingness to collaborate with organizations that share similar values and interests.

Dana recently expanded her volunteer role to sit on CFC’s Business Development Committee. She also stepped up to lead the organization and staff through a facilitated Customer Journey Mapping Process, which will improve many processes that benefit our clients and other stakeholders.

Beyond her volunteering commitment to Community Futures, Dana is a Board Member with the Island Coast Economic Trust. She holds a Masters certificate in project management and an MBA from Royal Roads University. As a Cowichan Tribes Band Member, Dana believes her volunteer experience will contribute to Cowichan Tribes’ success in their economic development ventures

Community Futures Boundary

Dave Marshall

dave marshall

In May 2018, the worst flood in over 200 years hit the Boundary Region. Many local businesses were devastated, especially in the Downtown Core. Community Futures Boundary reacted immediately to provide assistance and support.

Our Loans Committee, which Dave was a part of, developed a flood relief program which gave businesses, whether a CF client or not, quick and uncomplicated access to capital and interest relief. Loans were processed with no fees, interest or payments due for 6 months. The Loans Committee made themselves available to approve requests very quickly. This allowed affected businesses to begin recovery earlier as they settled with insurance companies, the Disaster Flood Assistance Program and the Red Cross. $322,500 was advanced to 17 businesses, 9 new clients and 8 existing clients. Since then 4 loans have been fully repaid and the balance refinanced at current rates. CFB continues to provide support to affected businesses.

Community Futures Sun Country

Dona Radomsky


Dona joined the CF team in April 2010. Dona fit into the organization immediately due to her passion for her community and the region. Dona is a health professional and brings a different perspective when it comes to decision making. Dona promotes action in her community and is not afraid of getting her hands dirty when initiatives are being developed. Unfortunately, Dona will be leaving as her term is up, but we certainly have another positive ambassador sharing the good work CF's do!

Community Futures Central Island

Ed Poli

ed poli

Ed Poli came to Nanaimo in 1993 after a 25-year career with the Federal Government. Once here, he worked for the Nanaimo's Canada Employment Centre before pursuing a consulting practice in economic development which spanned many industries. He has volunteered for the Nanaimo Art Gallery, the Nanaimo Blues Society, the Nanaimo North Rotary Club, and the Nanaimo-Ladysmith Schools Foundation.

Poli joined the CFCI Board in 2011 where he has been Chair for the past 3 years and has been involved with the Loans and Audit Committees.

Poli is a creative thinker who works well with others and his varied background gives him a broad understanding and balanced perspective which enables him to make a meaningful contribution to Community Futures members, staff and clients. “His respect for board and committee members has kept us effective in meeting the challenges facing future growth in Central Vancouver Island,” notes David Mailloux, Vice-Chair.

Community Futures Okanagan Similkameen

George Stayberg

george stayberg

George resides in Penticton and is one of the founding Community Futures members. He is a former City of Penticton Councillor and Regional District Director. George has owned and operated a number of businesses including manufacturing and car dealerships. He is currently the owner of Midtown RV.

Community Futures North Fraser

Heather O'Coin


Heather joined the Board of Community Futures North Fraser a little over a year ago and soon after found herself voted into the position of Chair.

Heather enjoys her role with Community Futures as it aligns very well with her passion to help small businesses and engage with the business community. Heather works with First West Credit Union and for the past 15 years she has helped small businesses achieve their goals. She moved to the Fraser Valley in 2017 for work and family, and before that spent her life in the South Okanagan.

Heather has always enjoyed being involved in the community and she is an active Board member with the Mission Chamber of Commerce.

Community Futures Revelstoke

Jane McNab


Jane McNab has been a CF Volunteer since 1998. She has served on the Board, Self-Employment Committee and has been involved with several projects and ad hoc committees in that time. On top of her volunteer work with Community Futures, she also very actively volunteers for several other organizations, including doing countless tax returns for seniors every year.

When not volunteering, Jane spends most of her time in the outdoors as an avid skier, biker, paddler and hiker. Jane exemplifies the spirit of Community Futures through her incredible community involvement. The Staff of Community Futures Revelstoke are proud to nominate Jane as the 2019 Community Futures Revelstoke Volunteer of the Year.

Community Futures Boundary

Jim Holmes

jim holmes

In May 2018, the worst flood in over 200 years hit the Boundary Region. Many local businesses were devastated, especially in the Downtown Core. Community Futures Boundary reacted immediately to provide assistance and support.

Our Loans Committee, which Dave was a part of, developed a flood relief program which gave businesses, whether a CF client or not, quick and uncomplicated access to capital and interest relief. Loans were processed with no fees, interest or payments due for 6 months. The Loans Committee made themselves available to approve requests very quickly. This allowed affected businesses to begin recovery earlier as they settled with insurance companies, the Disaster Flood Assistance Program and the Red Cross. $322,500 was advanced to 17 businesses, 9 new clients and 8 existing clients. Since then 4 loans have been fully repaid and the balance refinanced at current rates. CFB continues to provide support to affected businesses. 

Community Futures Boundary

Joan Thomas

joan thomas 0

In May 2018, the worst flood in over 200 years hit the Boundary Region. Many local businesses were devastated, especially in the Downtown Core. Community Futures Boundary reacted immediately to provide assistance and support.

Our Loans Committee, which Dave was a part of, developed a flood relief program which gave businesses, whether a CF client or not, quick and uncomplicated access to capital and interest relief. Loans were processed with no fees, interest or payments due for 6 months. The Loans Committee made themselves available to approve requests very quickly. This allowed affected businesses to begin recovery earlier as they settled with insurance companies, the Disaster Flood Assistance Program and the Red Cross. $322,500 was advanced to 17 businesses, 9 new clients and 8 existing clients. Since then 4 loans have been fully repaid and the balance refinanced at current rates. CFB continues to provide support to affected businesses. 

Community Futures Boundary

Joe Sioga

joe sioga

In May 2018, the worst flood in over 200 years hit the Boundary Region. Many local businesses were devastated, especially in the Downtown Core. Community Futures Boundary reacted immediately to provide assistance and support.

Our Loans Committee, which Dave was a part of, developed a flood relief program which gave businesses, whether a CF client or not, quick and uncomplicated access to capital and interest relief. Loans were processed with no fees, interest or payments due for 6 months. The Loans Committee made themselves available to approve requests very quickly. This allowed affected businesses to begin recovery earlier as they settled with insurance companies, the Disaster Flood Assistance Program and the Red Cross. $322,500 was advanced to 17 businesses, 9 new clients and 8 existing clients. Since then 4 loans have been fully repaid and the balance refinanced at current rates. CFB continues to provide support to affected businesses.

Community Futures Central Okanagan

Krista Mallory

krista m

Krista is a West Kelowna resident who has been a CFDC Central Okanagan Member since 2012. She has participated on the Youth, Entrepreneurship and Loan Committees and as a Director since 2016.

We discovered Krista when she was working as a Loans Analyst at the Women’s Enterprise Centre. In 2016 she began work as a Business Development Officer for the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission where she has helped take the organization to a new level of professionalism. In addition to being a mother of two young active children, Krista comes from of family of entrepreneurs and is a dynamic and resourceful leader.

Her keen participation helps strengthen and connect the CFDC to the vibrant Central Okanagan economic and business community

Community Futures Pacific Northwest

Mary Denton

mary denton

Mary Denton is an account executive for CFNR Radio Network, BC’s only First Nations Radio Network. CFNR Radio Network broadcasts in 82 communities in Central and Northern BC and exclusively brings Commercial Radio to 42 First Nations. She speaks about marketing and branding at numerous conferences and annual regional marketing seminars. When not busy at work, she is actively involved in our community, spending time on the Community Futures of the Pacific Northwest Board, Coast Mountain College Board, Prince Rupert Tourism Board, Kaien Island Trail Society and Friends of Shames.

She has served on the Board for the Community Futures in Prince Rupert since 2011 as a director, and more recently as Vice-Chair. She is a valuable asset to the Board as she brings a wealth of information on communication & advertisement along with her understanding of Indigenous communities.

Community Futures North Okanagan

Michael Tindall

michael t

Michael is a retired media executive with labor relations, finance, human resources, marketing and general management expertise. He has served on public company boards and over 25 provincial and local boards including the Okanagan College Foundation, the Terrace, Vancouver Arbutus and Vernon Kalamalka Rotary clubs, the B.C. Association of Broadcasters, the Okanagan Partnership, the B.C. Arts Council, and the Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation before joining Community Futures of the North Okanagan in late 2015. Board committee expertise includes Audit, Finance, Loans, Strategic Planning and Human Resources, and he has also functioned as president of many of the local community boards.

Michael has brought his extensive experience and skills to his Directorship at Community Futures of the North Okanagan and is an active member of their Loans and Governance Committees.

Community Futures Nicola Valley

Noreen Cross

noreen cross

Noreen is knowledgeable in financial reporting and analysis. Along with her husband Jack, she has been the owner of an autobody shop and is experienced with the challenges of small business operations. Originally from the Lower Mainland, Noreen and Jack intentionally re-located to the Nicola Valley for the lifestyle, climate and economic opportunities.

Noreen has been active in the community with organizations ranging from the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, the Merritt Centennials Hockey Club to the Nicola Valley Cruisers, a well-known custom car club. Noreen’s ride is an all-original Model T. Noreen is currently employed as a Finance Coordinator with the Nicola Tribal Association (NTA) and enjoys the amenities of Merritt combined with the advantages rural acreage living offers.

Community Futures Peace Liard

Ray Good

ray goode

Ray Good has sat on the Community Futures Peace Liard Loans Committee for over 15 years. Ray has been a faithful and attentive volunteer and deserves to be recognized. Ray never took a seat on our Board of Directors but was very active on the Loans Committee. Ray has an extensive background in banking and finance and years of experience as a business-owner in Dawson Creek area called Prestige Gifts & Trophies. He has since retired, and his daughter took over the family business.

Ray helped our CF make the right decisions on lending to an entrepreneur; he considered the entrepreneur from all angles. Is this the right choice for this person? Are we setting them up to fail? Or let’s support this loan and be sure to provide the business with good supports that will help them to succeed. Although Ray has been retired for several years, he is still involved in his community.

Community Futures North Cariboo

Rob Borsato

rob borsato

Rob joined the CFNC Board of Directors in the spring of 2016. Rob is a valuable Board Member. He has a great passion for the Agricultural Sector and has been a strong leader in our local farming community.

Rob owns and runs his own organic farm and has been the head of the Quesnel Farmers Market for over a decade. He is involved in many organizations that promote and care for agriculture, climate change and community growth. Rob is frequently described as a problem solver and “the one who knows the rules and makes everything run smoothly”.

Community Futures Sunshine Coast

Sharon Anderchek

sharon a

Sharon Anderchek is a volunteer member of the Board of Directors and is co-Chair of the Loans & Investment Committee. Previous to her tenure as Director and Committee member, Sharon worked in the field of community economic development for 25 years with Community Futures Sunshine Coast. Her various roles with CFSC included Self-Employment Program Coordinator, Business Advisor, Loans Manager and General Manager.

This experience has developed in her a keen interest in the funding and development of local small business, and the power of the entrepreneur, as a generator for a healthy local economy. Sharon’s work as Business Advisor/ Loans Manager was rewarded in 2013 with the provincial Community Futures Loan Portfolio of the Year Award. Formal education includes a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Waterloo and a certificate in Community Economic Development from Simon Fraser University.

Community Futures Mount Waddington

Shelley Downey

shelley downey

Shelley Downey joined the Community Futures Mount Waddington Board in 2015. With her experience as a local business owner and as a town councillor, Shelley quickly became a valuable asset within our governance structure.

Shelley and her husband Ron are long term residents of Port McNeill. Not afraid to ask the tough questions, Shelley always has the best interests of our organization and our community in mind.

Shelley is a community minded individual and, in addition to Community Futures, she’s been involved with the Boards of the Port McNeill Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club. Currently a councillor in Port McNeill, Shelley has recently been nominated to run for the Conservative Party of Canada in the North Island-Powell River riding in the 2019 federal election. We are proud and honoured to name Shelley our Volunteer of the Year!

Community Futures Alberni-Clayoquot

Sue Payne

sue payne

Sue has been a dedicated member of Community Futures Alberni-Clayoquot for over 13 years, joining the Board of Directors in September 2006. In addition to bringing valued insight to our board meetings, Sue also sits on the Investment Committee and, in the past, on the Self-Employment Committee. As a successful entrepreneur in her community, she has considerable business experience and a solid understanding of the west coast communities.

Sue is a prominent and highly regarded member of her community and involves herself in valuable groups such as the Pacific Rim Arts Society, the West Coast Multi-Plex Society and, previously, the Ucluelet Chamber of Commerce.

We value Sue’s insight and contribution to our organization and the passion she brings for the success of the Alberni-Clayoquot region.

Community Futures East Kootenay

Terry Anonson

terry anonson

As the owner of Terry Anonson Construction in Elkford, BC, Terry has applied his entrepreneurial nature and experience to the Board of Directors for Community Futures East Kootenay (CFEK) for 8 years, leading the Board as Chair for the past 2 years. His passion for volunteerism extends far beyond Community Futures East Kootenay. Terry is a dedicated champion for his community and his Métis cultural heritage, having served in a number of capacities within the Métis Nation (most recently on Teck Coal’s Communities of Interest Advisory Initiative Steering Committee in the Elk). He has guided our organization through an exciting transition as CFEK renovated and moved into new offices at the Ground Floor Coworking Space in 2018. He will be missed on the Board as he completes his maximum 9 consecutive years of service this June.

Community Futures Cariboo-Chilcotin

Tom Hoffman

tom hoffman

Tom Hoffman graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from the University of Alberta and is a Registered Professional Forester in both Alberta and British Columbia. He has worked in the Forest Industry for about 37 years, been with Tolko Industries for the last 18 years and has worked in a variety of areas. In his current role as Manager of External and Stakeholder Relations, he is responsible for developing and managing relationships that improve stakeholder relations and profitability in all 3 Provinces (Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia) that Tolko operates in.

He has been married (Wendy) for 35 years and has 3 grown children.

Tom is currently the Vice-Chair for the Northern Development Initiative Trust and Chair of the Community Futures Cariboo-Chilcotin. He has been involved with Community Futures in Northern Alberta and British Columbia since 1994.

Community Futures Fraser Fort George

Trent Gibson


Trent joined CF FFG as a member of the Finance and Lending Committee in 2017. It did not take long before his talents as a CPA shone through and he was invited to join the Board of Directors. Since then, there has been no looking back – Trent jumped right in and quickly filled the role of Treasurer and has been outstanding in supporting the Officer of Finance and Administration with reviewing the accounting system to ensure it is being maximized. He has engaged the Board to become savvy in business ratios and continues to support everyone with accounting knowledge.

Although Trent has taken on the role of Treasurer, hecontinues to be an active member of the Finance and Lending Committee where he contributes valuable feedback to the Committee and for the Business Analysts to share with their respective clients

Community Futures Boundary

Warren Dunbar

warren dunbar

In May 2018, the worst flood in over 200 years hit the Boundary Region. Many local businesses were devastated, especially in the Downtown Core. Community Futures Boundary reacted immediately to provide assistance and support.

Our Loans Committee, which Dave was a part of, developed a flood relief program which gave businesses, whether a CF client or not, quick and uncomplicated access to capital and interest relief. Loans were processed with no fees, interest or payments due for 6 months. The Loans Committee made themselves available to approve requests very quickly. This allowed affected businesses to begin recovery earlier as they settled with insurance companies, the Disaster Flood Assistance Program and the Red Cross. $322,500 was advanced to 17 businesses, 9 new clients and 8 existing clients. Since then 4 loans have been fully repaid and the balance refinanced at current rates. CFB continues to provide support to affected businesses.

Community Futures Stó:lō

Willy Hall

willy hall

Willy Hall is from Skowkale First Nation, where he has served as former Chief and Band Manager. From 1994-2005, he was the Director of Finance for Stó:lō Nation (Stó:lō Service Agency), then became the Executive Director in 2005 and has held this position to date for 14 years.

Willy is also an Indigenous entrepreneur; he owns and operates Aboriginal Financial Consulting which has specialized in property taxation since 2005. Willy previously held a nine year Board term with Stó:lō Community Futures (SCF) and returned after two years in 2017. He has been on the SCF Loan Funds Committee since 2005 and has been Chair since June in 2013.

As a dedicated Stó:lō Community Member and Indigenous entrepreneur, Willy continues to share his passion in being part of SCF and assisting new and aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs, helping existing Indigenous and Stó:lō Community-owned businesses with economic development and growing the Indigenous business economy in Stó:lō.

Community Futures Central Island

Adam Hawryluk


Adam joined our Board in October of 2011 representing youth through the Young Professionals of Nanaimo of which he was President in 2013. He served as our Board Treasurer for two years, Vice-Chair of our Loans Committee for three years and is currently Chair of the Loans Committee.  Adam also served on our Marketing Committee for several years and on our Audit Committee when Treasurer. He is a past member of the Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce Board, chaired the “Connect VI” conference in 2012, and facilitated an access to capital session representing Community Futures at the SOHO Summit in 2017. As a mortgage expert at DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts, Adam understands what business owners are facing today, especially young entrepreneurs.  Adam and his wife Michelle were thrilled to welcome their daughter, Frances, into this world on Valentine’s Day of this year.

Community Futures Okanagan Similkameen

Brenda Gould


Brenda was originally one of our business loan clients, who subsequently became a Board Director representing the Similkameen region. Brenda has worked tirelessly in her community for many years, especially with the Upper and Lower Similkameen Indian bands. In 2017, Brenda joined the provincial Community Futures BC Board.

Community Futures North Okanagan

Bryon Brandle


Bryon is a lawyer, realtor and developer. He practiced law for several years with a major Vancouver law firm and is the former Broker Owner of several RE/MAX real estate brokerage offices in the North Okanagan and Shuswap area, along with a substantial General Insurance Agency. He is a member of the Law Society of BC, the Canadian Bar Association, the Real Estate Institute of Canada, the Real Estate Institute of BC, the Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board. He has sat on various Provincial and local boards including the Real Estate Council of British Columbia, Community Foundation of the North Okanagan, Teen Junction Initiative Society and Vernon Winter Carnival Society.

Bryon is presently a director and Vice Chair of the British Columbia Real Estate Errors & Omissions Insurance Corporation and a Director and Vice Chair of the Community Futures of the North Okanagan, along with being an active member of the Governance, HR and Executive Committees.

Community Futures 16/37

Calvin Carlick


Calvin Carlick joined Community Futures 16/37 on May 18, 2010 as an Alternate Director. On July 13, 2012 he was elected Director representing Iskut and area. Currently Mr. Carlick holds the position of Vice Chair.

Calvin is 33 years young. He is a member of the Tahltan Nation and a Royal Roads University alumni. Calvin is a passionate community servant.

Community Futures Peace Liard

Cameron Schulz


Cameron joined the Community Futures Peace Liard Board in 2015. In that time Cameron has been a very dedicated volunteer to our organization. His wealth of business knowledge and experience has been very valuable to our board of directors, as well as a strong voice on our Loans Committee. Cameron’s volunteer work doesn’t end here. He also sits on other board of directors in the community of Dawson Creek as well as commits time to the Bear Mountain Ski Hill. On top of all of this, Cameron has a busy family life; him and his wife Tawnya run three very successful businesses in Dawson Creek as well as business partnerships in Hudson, Hope and Fort St. John. Just recently, Cameron had to resign due to business and family commitments. There will definitely be a noticeable void at our meetings.

Community Futures Central Kootenay

Chris Bell

chris b

Chris Bell has been a Community Futures Central Kootenay Board Director since February 2015 and the Board Chair since June 2015.

During his time with Community Futures, Chris quickly went from the role of new Board Member to Board Chair. He is an active member of the Loans Committee, Self-Employment Committee and the Nominating Committee, providing mentorship to the Executive Director and recruiting new Board Members. He also volunteers as a Judge for Junior Dragon’s Den.

Since 2010, Chris has chaired the Castlegar-based Kootenay Business Exchange, a Peer Mentoring group established in 2006. Chris’ other volunteer work includes, or has included, sitting on the Board for Castlegar Sculpture Walk, Castlegar Rotary, Castlegar and District Chamber of Commerce and the Castlegar Golf Club.

Community Futures Sunshine Coast

Christine Younghusband


Christine has served on the Community Futures Sunshine Coast Board since 2012 and is currently the Nominations and Corporate Governance Committee Chair. She is excited about the progress Community Futures has made and looks forward to more in the future. Christine is invariably an enthusiastic, dedicated and reliable volunteer. She has gone above and beyond the basic duties.

Community Futures North Cariboo

Debbie Wiens


Debbie joined our Board in 2014; she is, without a doubt, an asset to our team. Debbie is community minded. She supports and promotes CFNC, small businesses and entrepreneurship. Debbie is a partner in an accounting firm, so she comes with a wealth of knowledge and skills and she share these with us as needed. She is incredibly dependable, friendly and approachable; she consistently makes herself available whenever we need her! Debbie is also an active member of the Rotary and volunteers her time and skills to other charities and groups throughout our community.  We are incredibly grateful that Debbie has joined our team and remains a dedicated member.

Community Futures Greater Trail

Gerald Klassen


As a young man in his 20s, Gerald’s love of endurance sports led to him opening the first Gerick Sports store in Trail in 1983; its success allowed for expansion into other communities. He may have “retired” from the retail business, but the legacy lives on through 3 independently owned/operated Gerick stores located in Trail, Nelson, and Cranbrook. 

His strong entrepreneurial spirit and community devotion fit naturally with Community Futures and we were thrilled to welcome him to the Board of Directors in 2015. True to his nature, Gerald sits on numerous CF committees – Loans, Projects, Self-Employment Program, and Recruitment – and is an avid participant, supporter, and ambassador for Community Futures. 

Gerald continues to maintain close relationships in the business community by providing valuable mentorship to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, as well as succession planning advice to business owners who are ready to pass the torch.

Community Futures Nicola Valley

Jack Polmans


Jack Polmans and his wife Mavis moved to Merritt in 2005 to retire after working as a manager in the automotive industry. He quickly became involved in the community, being appointed to six city committees after the 2008 election: City Centre Board, Façade, ATV Taskforce, Spirit of BC Olympic Committee, Olympic Taskforce, and Directional Signage Committee.

Jack has been part of Community Futures Nicola Valley as a Director and Lending Chair since 2012.

He has also been involved with the Nicola Valley Museum as Director, and Co-chair for Country Christmas, volunteers at The Historic Baillie House and many other organizations and events. He has been a major supporter for our community and he is well respected and admired by all of us.

We are excited to have Jack honoured for his years of service and dedication to the CF community!

Community Futures Stó:lō

Jason Campbell


Jason Campbell, a member of Seabird Island Band (Seabird), has served on the Stó:lō Community Futures (SCF) Board since July, 2016. In addition to working as a Programs Facilitator for the Correctional Services of Canada, Jason has served as Councillor for Seabird for two terms. He is a Director of the Lands Advisory Board, sits on the Land Code Committee for Seabird an is a Member of the Seabird Business Development Board. Jason is dedicated to helping people become self-sufficient and become the economic force that will enable the Stó:lō Communities to be involved with the global economy.  As a former football player, Jason brings his leadership skills as a Coach for the Valley Huskers and to the SCF Board.

Community Futures Nadina

Jean Gerow Marr

jean 2018

Jean Gerow is our President at Nadina Community Futures. As President, she has demonstrated superior leadership skills. She has participated at the highest level at community, regional and provincial Community Futures events. Jean sits on several committees within our organization. She is the former President of the Burns Lake Rotary Club, former President of the Houston Chamber of Commerce and sits on the Houston Curling Club Board. Jean has been a Guest Speaker at a number of events, including The International Women’s Day. Jean Gerow Marr is an entrepreneur herself, having purchased a local Houston newspaper which she has subsequently expanded to become a regional publication.

In spite of her very busy scheduled, Jean is the first to volunteer for any community event.

Community Futures Shuswap

Jeff Tarry

jeff 2018

Jeff resides in the community of Scotch Creek and has represented the North Shuswap region on Community Future Shuswap’s Board of Directors for the past 5 years. He has enjoyed a very successful real estate career with Century 21 Lakeside Realty and also finds the time to serve his community as a “volunteer at large”. Jeff has held executive positions on the Board of Directors for the North Shuswap Chamber of Commerce and has played an instrumental role in bringing the Shuswap Tourism branding to the North Shuswap. We value Jeff’s insight and contribution to our organization and the passion he brings for the success of the North Shuswap.

Community Futures Alberni-Clayoquot

Jennifer Collette

jennifer 2018

Jennifer was involved with CFAC as a committee member on both the Investment and Self-Employment committees. A diligent and enthusiastic member, her commitment to the CF philosophy and her background in Business and Financial Services proved to be a valuable asset to our organization. Her assessment of Business Plans and client proposals was always thoughtful and focused, and she never attended a meeting unprepared. Jennifer is a believer in community service and in addition to CF participation, has been involved in youth sports, PA Hospice, Chamber events, and is currently the Board Chair of Pot Luck Ceramics, a for profit for charity within the PA Fundraising Co-op. We are thrilled and pleased to nominate Jennifer Collette as our Volunteer of the Year.

Community Futures Thompson Country

Ken White

ken 2018

Ken is a founding Board Member of the Community Futures movement since 1988. Ken served as the CFTC Chair from 1996 – 2001 and Chair of Community Futures British Columbia from 2004 – 2007. He has served as the Pan Canadian Chair from 2007 – 2009. CF’s across Canada have relied on Ken’s interest, expertise, and leadership he has provided. Ken has provided in excess of 10,000 volunteer hours to the CF movement. As Community Futures Thompson Country celebrates its thirtieth year in operation, it only makes sense that Ken is nominated as our volunteer of the year.

Community Futures Boundary

Leigh Wilson Starchuk

leigh 2018

Leigh Starchuk joined the Community Futures Boundary Board in November 2014. She is a co-owner of Tool Time Supplies Ltd., a retail rental company in Grand Forks. Leigh has been involved in the community for many years in a volunteer capacity, most recently as the Chair of the Grand Forks Curling Club. Before she joined the Board, she had worked with Community Futures in the past and brings firsthand knowledge of local trends, attitudes and the challenges facing small businesses in rural British Columbia. Currently, she is the Secretary of our Board and an active member of our organization.

Community Futures Powell River

Lori Brown

lori 2018

For Lori Brown, Powell River is not just where she calls home, but it is the heart and soul of who she is. Her desire to see her community grow and thrive has led her to become involved in numerous organizations. Lori sits on the boards of Powell River Community Futures, Powell River Community Forest, Powell River Christian School as well as her church, Westview Baptist. 

Lori is an integral part of every organization she chooses to invest her time in. At Powell River Community Forest, she has thrown herself into learning about the logging industry and using her business expertise to note where funding could be best invested within her community to make an impact for all generations. At the Christian School, it is not Lori’s skill with numbers that they draw upon but her heart to give, to continue to learn and her desire to enable and equip the next generation. Lori’s heart for the community and children extends into this next generation. She desires for them to understand the blessings and opportunities they have been given and, in turn, teach them to give back. 

Lori has been an integral part of Community Futures Powell River for many years, serving well past her mandatory 5 years that she originally signed on for. Her experience as a business owner and her flair for numbers have made her an integral part of this organization. Volunteering tirelessly, she commits many hours to ensuring that her community grows economically and that the best interests of the local community are served. Lori is the Board Treasurer and Chairs the Self Employment Committee.

Community Futures Cowichan

Sarah Morden

sarah 2018

Sarah Morden has been a Board Member with Community Futures Cowichan since 2012. She is a self-employed consultant who works with local governments throughout the province on a range of local initiatives and projects; she has been an excellent fit with Community Futures. Sarah has been a valuable resource to our organization in our grant writing and project management activities. With her guidance, we have been successful in receiving funds and administering a number of community development projects. Sarah believes strongly in the value of collaboration and partnerships as a means to strengthening our local businesses. She is a supporter in raising social consciousness, particularly amongst the youth and community initiatives aimed at improving local quality of life and long-term sustainability. 

It would be nearly impossible to do the great things we do without amazing individuals like Sarah. She is a great asset to Community Futures Cowichan and we are very happy that this is where she wants to volunteer her talent.

Community Futures Howe Sound

Tanya Goertzen

tanya 2018

Tanya has been a model CF Howe Sound volunteer ever since she joined us in 2010.  She first began volunteering with us as a member of our lending committee and two years later she was a full-fledged member of our Board of Directors, in addition to keeping her duties with our Lending Committee. Today, Tanya is our Vice Chair and in 2019 she will take over the entire organization as Chair.   

When she is not assisting Community Futures, Tanya is the engaging and active owner of the Upper Village market in Whistler.

Tanya has been a resident of Whistler for over two decades and has been an active Chamber member in the community for 10+ years no She also volunteers in too many other places to count!!

Tanya’s high energy, sound intellect and perennial smile are all key reasons that our organization has flourished for the past many years. Her husband Rod and two sons are immensely proud of her, as are all of us at CF-Howe Sound.

Community Futures Sun Country

Victor Smith

victor 2018

Victor joined the team in 2015 and we have not looked back since. His energy is contagious, and he is an individual that becomes engaged immediately with whatever he is participating in. Within his first year with Community Futures, he was elected as Chairperson. We discovered very quickly his mind does not rest and has a positive energy that fills the room. He has a reputation in the region of being energetic and always thinks of community first. He is involved with too many organizations to list; they are all grateful to work beside him as he moves projects forward for the good of everyone. If there are initiatives that are being worked on, you can guarantee Victor is involved in some capacity…. We often hear “someone” should…..Victor has “someone” stamped on his forehead!

Community Futures Mount Waddington

Warren Beatty

warren 2018

Warren Beatty joined the CFMW Board in 2013.  As the Vice-President of Neucel Specialty Cellulose located in Port Alice, Warren brought a wealth of management and human resource experience. Warren quickly volunteered for a Board executive position as our Vice-Chair. He has been generous with his HR and management experience, helping our CF edit and update many of our policy manuals, most notably the HR manual. Warren maintains a keen interest in economic development within our entire region and has been an avid participant in a number of development initiatives around the region. 

It is with pride that CFMW names Warren Beatty as our “Volunteer of the Year.”

Community Futures Cariboo-Chilcotin

Wayne Reeves

Wayne began volunteering at Community Futures Cariboo-Chilcotin as a Board of Director in 2014. He is presently Treasurer for the CFCC Board of Directors and is a member of the CFCC Loans Committee.

Beyond volunteering with Community Futures, Wayne is the Treasurer for the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 139, a volunteer for Partners in Assisted Learning and a member of the Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal of British Columbia. Wayne has volunteered as a Director and President of the Williams Lake Golf and Tennis Club as well as spent many of his volunteer hours with the Williams Lake Sally Ann.

Before retirement, Wayne was the Super Intendant of Jacobson Brothers Forestry Products and a Director and Chairman for the Cariboo Regional District.

Community Futures Boundary

Alan Petersen

alan petersen 2017

Alan Peterson joined the Community Futures Boundary Board in November 2014 and is currently Vice President. He sits on the Human Resources and Executive Committees. Alan retired to Grand Forks after practicing law in Victoria for 35 years. Since his arrival in Grand Forks, he has spent numerous hours enthusiastically volunteering through Rotary, Community Futures and other organizations. Alan is always ready for new challenges and has been invaluable to many not-for-profits in the region. His interests lie in Sustainable Community Development, education and training. Through Alan’s demonstrated commitment to bettering our region, he has gained respect and made a positive impact in our community. 

Community Futures Sun Country

Andrew May

andrew may 2017

Andrew May is a resident of Clinton and joined the CF Network May 2015. Andy has a diverse background and shares his knowledge and expertise for the betterment of the region. Andy is very active in his community and is currently participating on the Board of the South Cariboo Museum Society and the Clinton and District Economic Development Society. He has served on boards of several community groups, including Economic Development and Historical Societies in the Province. Andrew has been an instructor at Okanagan College, Owner/Operator of an auto repair shop and Founder/President of Procurement and Inventory Management Consultancy.

Community Futures Sunshine Coast

Andy Hopkinson

andy hopkinson 2017

Andy is a long-term and valued volunteer with Community Futures Sunshine Coast’s Loan and Investment Committee. Andy’s skillset in assessing loan applications, business plans, and financial reports helps our team make the best decisions possible. 

Community Futures Mount Waddington

Angela Smith

angela smith 2017

Angela joined the Community Futures Mt. Waddington Board in July 2015.  She immediately involved herself in our organization. In her first year Angela volunteered to be on the Board Executive as its Secretary. She also agreed to sit on the Self-Employment Program Committee and this year she has agreed to move over to our Loans Review Committee. Angela’s experience and knowledge on the North Island is highly valued and useful within our organizational governance and planning.  She is currently the Wharfinger for the Port Hardy Harbour Authority. In addition to her contract with Port Hardy, she also runs a small business which offers online and print media for small business communication. Angela is also currently working on her Bachelor of Professional Communication from Royal Roads University.   

Community Futures Shuswap

Barb Munro

Barb was first introduced to Community Futures Shuswap in 2000 when she participated in a business training program. She quickly became interested in the concept of Community Futures and eventually joined our Board of Directors in June of 2012. It gives her great pleasure to serve on the Board of an organization fundamentally committed to the economic well-being of the Shuswap. Barb has served as Secretary for several years but, more importantly, she has been the stable, thoughtful voice of reason on the Board. She has never backed away from challenging decisions and she remains committed to serving the best interests of our organization.

Community Futures North Okanagan

Barry Kasdorf

barry kasdorf 2017

Barry came to Vernon in the mid-eighties, and with him he brought his passion for business. With a degree in Forestry, and a need to be self-employed, he decided to grow reforestation seedlings. After successfully developing and operating a forest nursery for 16 years, he sold it and established a new business growing tree seed, also for the forest industry. Having more spare time allowed for volunteer work, and he found that a volunteer position at Community Futures was a good fit for him. This gave him the opportunity to help individuals wanting to explore the world of business for themselves. He has been with CF for 6 years. He serves on the Board, and aids with committees that help local entrepreneurs find their feet in their own enterprises. He enjoys working with all the staff at CF, as they share his passion, and he finds his role there not only very interesting but fulfilling as well.

Community Futures Nicola Valley

David Brown

david brown 2017

David Brown has been volunteering with CF Nicola Valley since becoming a member of the Lending Committee back in 2006.  David was also an active Board Member until his resignation from the Board on January 15th, 2017.  David has been with Investor’s Group for 18 years and brought his financial expertise to CF Nicola Valley’s Board.  We are excited to honour David for his years of service to this organization.

Community Futures Central Island

David Mallioux

david mallioux 2017

“David’s background in marketing and tourism, as well as his linkage to the Port Authority, keeps us abreast of local initiatives involving these sectors. “He has been a positive influence and keen asset to the organization. Most importantly, his progressive outlook and sense of humour are true assets to our organization,” states Ed Poli, Chair.

Mailloux is currently Vice Chair of our volunteer Board of Directors and Chair of our Marketing Committee. His volunteer commitments include BC Ocean Boating Tourism Association, the Nanaimo Tourism Leadership Committee and Canada 150.

David Mailloux took over the position of Manager, Communications & Public Affairs of Nanaimo Port Authority in 2014, his most interesting occupation to date. “I am learning that one never stops learning when working in Communications,” states Mailloux.  He understands, especially with small businesses, saying “what if” creates possibilities. Passion is a core ingredient for achieving success and happiness in business and in life.

Mailloux is currently Vice Chair of our volunteer board of directors and Chair of our Marketing Committee. His volunteer commitments include BC Ocean Boating Tourism Association, the Nanaimo Tourism Leadership Committee and Canada 150.

David Mailloux took over the position of Manager, Communications & Public Affairs – Nanaimo Port Authority in 2014, his most Interesting occupation to date. “I am learning that one never stops learning when working in Communications,” states Mailloux.  He understands, especially with small businesses, saying “what if” creates possibilities.  Passion is a core ingredient for achieving success and happiness in business and in life.

Community Futures provides business loans and advice that is tailored to the needs of individual small and medium sized business.  Community Futures is a non-profit, small business development organization – based in the community and for the community. Our wide variety of business loans and tools are designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their goals. We provide financing alternatives to small and medium enterprises when access to credit is a challenge to start or grow their business. 

Community Futures East Kootenay

Diana Scott

diana scott 2017

Diana brings a keen business mind and an enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit to CFEK’s Board of Directors. Whether involved in strategic planning, adjudicating small-business loans or supporting community projects, Diana’s attention to detail and visionary attitude always help to ensure that our clients and partners get the best from CFEK. Diana is particularly involved in and supportive of our 4H Youth Loan Program, helping young members to purchase and raise livestock, learn agri-business skills and manage credit responsibly.

Community Futures Pacific Northwest

Doug Kydd

doug kydd 2017

Doug Kydd is no stranger to volunteering. Over the years he has served with the Northern BC Winter Games, Prince Rupert Golf Club, Prince Rupert Tennis Club, Rotary Club, Toastmaster Club, Prince Rupert Racquet Association and most notably, in our opinion, Community Futures of the Pacific Loans Review Committee since 2011. Doug, who has recently stepped down, brought his financial expertise and his wit to every meeting and event and will be missed by staff and committee members alike. We wish him the best in his future endeavours and are glad that we, in this small way, can give the “Kydd” a shout out. 


Community Futures Nadina

Gilles Archambault

gilles archambault 2017

Gilles joined the CF Nadina Board in the fall of 2014. He very quickly became the Treasurer of the Board and a member of the Investment Review Committee. He never missed a meeting or an opportunity to participate in all Nadina activities. Gilles unexpectedly passed away this past December and the Board and staff would like to honour him in memory for his dedicated time spent with Nadina, his friendship, his sense of adventure and love of team work; he will be missed by all. 

Community Futures Thompson Country

Hal Hicks

hal hicks 2017

It is with pleasure that CFTC nominates Mr. Hal Hicks as its volunteer of the year for 2017. Mr. Hicks was appointed to the Board in 2015 and currently sits as the Chair for Community Futures Thompson Country. Mr. Hicks is a long-standing volunteer for our organization and continues to serve as a member of our investment review committee since 2012. Hal is an associate with Fulton & Company LLP whose practice involves commercial finance, collections, realization, foreclosures and commercial insolvency. In addition to his commitment to Community Futures as our Chair and Investment Review Committee member, Hal is also a member of the Law Society of BC, a member of the Kamloops Bar Association and a Director with the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Area Association. Hal is a strategic thinker who seeks clarity and focus in determining the best course of action to meet the needs of challenges presented.

Community Futures Peace Liard

Mary Kelly

mary kelly 2017

Mary’s many years of experience throughout her career in Dawson Creek as a CPA, CGA gives her a valuable depth of knowledge being a Board Member at Community Futures Peace Liard. Mary is committed to excellence, customer service and client relationships while ensuring high ethical and compliance standards. Mary provides tremendous time and mentorship on the Loans Committee and is never too busy to stop into the office for a meeting. Mary is involved in the community, not only through Community Futures, but also with the Rotary Club of Dawson Creek Sunrise (currently as Treasurer) and sits on the Board of Directors for the Northern Lights College Foundation.

Community Futures North Cariboo

Mitch Vik

mitch vik 2017

Mitch has been a Director of Community Futures since the spring of 2014, where he is much appreciated for his strong business sense, positive thinking, good humour and creative ideas.

Mitch and his wife Tammi co-own K-Max Games and Videos.  K-Max is a coveted local source for a wide selection of games, including card and board games, fantasy, strategy and role-playing games, educational/science toys and DVDs.

When he is not busy with his work, family and/or Community Futures, Mitch finds time for the local Lions Club. As a Lion, Mitch has been responsible for spear-heading the wildly successful wiener dog races. He has also been instrumental in bringing a new 30-unit seniors housing project to the community. The project will be the first non-institutional apartment block built in North Quesnel in 28 years, providing an important economic lift and valuable addition to the local housing inventory.

Community Futures North Cariboo takes a great deal of pride in all of our volunteers. For this year, our Board has unanimously selected Mitch Vik as our Volunteer of the Year. 

Community Futures Alberni-Clayoquot

Norm Donald

norm donald 2017

Interested, dedicated, supportive, personable, approachable, engaged, respectful and respected are words that describe our Chair and Volunteer of the Year nominee, Norm Donald.

His interest in and dedication to Community Futures and our clients is not just shown by attendance at Board meetings, but by attendance at public meetings in support of local business owners, site visits and advocating for clients. His consistent and thoughtful approach to decision making, and his unwavering belief in the Community Futures philosophy, make him a valuable member of our team and an excellent representative of our organization at meetings and conferences throughout the province. We are proud and pleased to nominate Norm Donald as our Volunteer of the Year.

Community Futures Okanagan Similkameen

Rick Giroux

rick giroux 2017

Rick is Treasurer to the Board and is an experienced businessman and orchardist, currently active in managing a number of residential properties and mortgage portfolios. Rick is an invaluable asset to several of our board committees, offering insightful analysis, ideas and solutions.

Community Futures 16/37

Rick McDaniel

rick mcdaniel 2017

Mr. McDaniel joined our Board of Directors in June 2011 and represents the Terrace and surrounding area. He has held the position of Chair since June 2014.

He is an expert in Real Estate. He has lived and conducted business throughout the Region since he was 8 years old. His wide range of experience in the Skeena Region provides him with a unique perspective to the social and economic fabric that makes this the best place in the world to live and to invest.

Community Futures Central Kootenay

Rob Schwieger

rob schwieger 2017

Rob Schwieger joined The Community Futures Central Kootenay Board of Directors in 1997, where he served for 18 years. A successful entrepreneur who owned and operated the Northern Broom Company for many years, Rob’s vast experience and willingness to share has been an incredible support to our staff and clients. His business knowledge and community connections have made him a sought-after mentor to entrepreneurs. In 2007, he was appointed Vice Chair of our Board. Gentle and good-natured, Rob has always known how to guide a room toward a common goal. In 2015, Rob retired from the Board of Directors. Determined to keep Rob involved, Community Futures invited him to sit on the Self-Employment Committee where he continues to serve today, spending countless hours reviewing business proposals for prospective clients. We are privileged to have Rob Schwieger, an incredibly generous and knowledgeable person, contributing his time and expertise to our organization. 

Community Futures Greater Trail

Sara Stuart

sara stuart 2017

Sara is the Vice-Chair for our Board of Directors and the Chair of our Loans Committee. We can always count on Sara to contribute her expertise for various CF projects and volunteer to serve on ad-hoc committees. In Sara’s non-CF life, she is the owner of the popular Country Roads General Store in Fruitvale.  We’ve had the privilege of working with Sara since 2012. 

Sheri Yakashiro

sheri 2017

Sheri joined the board of Community Futures North Fraser in 2013 and in 2016 she became the Board Chair. As a lawyer, Sheri has provided the North Fraser office with tremendous support with loans, collections and our office policy review. In addition to her role on the CF Board, Sheri is Vice-chair of the board of Directors for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Fraser Valley.

Community Futures Howe Sound

Steve Sabey

steve sabey 2017

Steve first joined Community Futures-Howe Sound in September 2011 as a member of our Small Business Lending Committee. Steve was a quick study and within two short years he was also appointed to our Board of Directors. In 2015, Steve was elected as the Vice-Chair of our organization and in May of 2017 Steve will complete his ascension when he becomes the CF Howe Sound Chair. Steve is held in high regard by his peers for his quick wit and accommodating nature. Steve always looks on the bright side of things and he is keen to offer guidance and insight to all our clients on a regular basis.  When he is not assisting us grow our lending portfolio, Steve can be found on the ski hills of Whistler in the winter, on his mountain bike in the summer and cooking for his beloved wife Sharon twelve months of the year.

Community Futures Powell River

Steve Hopkins

steve hopkins 2017

Steve Hopkins, CPA, CMA, Board of Director. Steve became a Board Director in 2014. Steve is a Certified Professional Accountant working as the Secretary-Treasurer for the Powell River Board of Education as well as the Director of Finance for the Powell River Educational Services Society. In these roles, he is responsible for all areas with respect to Finance and Facilities.  Steve also sits as a Director of the Carlson Community Club, a position he undertook after completing two terms as a Director of the Powell River Tourism Society. Steve is the Vice Treasurer of Community Futures Powell River and Chair of the Business Investment Committee.

Community Futures Cariboo-Chilcotin

Tom Bachynski

tom 2017

Tom Bachynski has been volunteering with Community Futures since August 2011.  He first volunteered with us, and is still an integral member of, the Self- Employment Review Committee. In September 2014, Tom agreed to join our Board of Directors and we are very grateful for the commitment, expertise, passion and energy that he brings. Not only is he a great supporter of local business and community development, but he is passionate about youth and hockey. He was instrumental in bringing a Junior B Hockey Club, the 100 Mile Wranglers, to 100 Mile House in 2013. This hockey club has brought huge amounts of positive energy to the Cariboo and area, particularly the District of 100 Mile House.

Community Futures Central Okanagan

Una Gabie

una g 2017

Una is a Kelowna resident, lawyer and partner at Touchstone Law Group LLP, and has been practicing law in Kelowna since April of 2008. In 2012, Una founded her own law firm Touchstone Law Group LLP in Kelowna. This new venture provided Una an opportunity to combine her law practice with the chance to engage more in the business side of the legal industry. Una strives and succeeds in providing highly personal services to her clients in an expedient manner. Una is very active in the community, as a Director at the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce and a member of the CFDCCO Loans Committee and Board of Directors. Una regularly provides excellent legal and business direction to Community Futures’ staff and clients.

Community Futures Stó:lō

Valerie Sam

valerie 2017

Valerie Sam, a Lytton First Nation Member, joined the SCF Board in March 2015. As the Lands Advisor and Manager of the Fraser Valley for the First Nation Lands Management Resource Centre, Valerie has been instrumental in working with First Nation Communities on their Land Code. She has also served as a Lands Manager for Tzeachten First Nation, and for Stó:lō Nation. Valerie has received Achievement Awards from the National Lands Managers Association for Excellence in Land Management by a Tribal Council in 2003, Preservation and Protection of Aboriginal Lands in 2002, and the Deputy Minister’s Award from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) for Outstanding Achievement in 2000-2001.

Community Futures Boundary

Alan Cooper

alan cooper 2016

Alan Cooper is a relatively new member to the Community Futures Boundary team. However, he has had an extensive background in “volunteering and support” for the City of Grand Forks and the Boundary communities at large. He is currently President of the Boundary Regional Chamber of Commerce and in the past has worked with the local “downtown business” organization. He was a member of the City of Grand Forks Economic Advisory Committee. Alan is a respected educator and teaches for the University of Alberta. Alan owns and operates a “bed and breakfast” locally. He is a visionary, supports entrepreneurship and encourages inter-agency collaboration and cooperation, especially with continuing education and skill development.

Community Futures Cariboo-Chilcotin

Alvin Gregory

alvin 2016

Alvin Gregory has been a long-time volunteer with Community Future Cariboo-Chilcotin. Alvin was one of the founding Board members of our Board of Directors as well a long-time volunteer on our Loans Committee. Alvin is also a dedicated volunteer with other local community organizations. Outside of his avid volunteer work, Alvin enjoys travelling, spending quality time with his wife Velma, his children and grandchildren. You can always enjoy a good sit-down debate with Alvin on a range of political topics, as well hearing about his travels to Hawaii, his yearly destination getaway. 

Community Futures East Kootenay

Andre Labine

andre 2016

Andre Labine is a dedicated and enthusiastic ambassador for Community Futures East Kootenay. Andre has generously taken on many opportunities to represent CFEK at events and initiatives in the Elk Valley, particularly in his own community, Fernie. His insightful and deliberate input as a Director, whether considering loan applications or discussing strategic and operational issues, consistently adds value to the conversation. Andre’s volunteer efforts are prolific, both locally and internationally. His commitment to our Community Futures vision and mission, and obvious ambition to help other succeed and achieve their goals, is at the heart of why CFEK is proud to recommend Andre Labine as our Volunteer of the Year nominee for 2016.

Community Futures Mount Waddington

Dennis Swanson

dennis swanson 2016

Dennis is a long-time resident of the North Island. Dennis, his wife and his young family moved to Sointula 47 years ago. From there, Dennis continued to work in the forest industry all over the central coast and North Island. Dennis has been a volunteer with Community Futures for several years, first serving on the Loans Review Committee, which he now chairs, and then in 2015 joining the Board of Directors.  Dennis has a great deal of experience and knowledge of the North Island’s forest industry and he believes avidly in the potential of the industry and other economic development opportunities that can stem from it.  Dennis participates in his home community of Sointula as well. He is a member of the Advisory Planning Commission and a past member of the North Island Community Forest Board.  

Community Futures Sun Country

James Ryan

james ryan 2016

Community Futures has been very fortunate to have Jim; he has been able to relate to our small rural communities that have gone through a significant transition. Jim is very involved in his community and the region, strategizing solutions to support the community he resides in, Spences Bridge. If there is a group or committee working on a project, you will surely find Jim sitting at the table supporting the process and the cause for the betterment of the community members.

Jim is always vocal around the Community Future Board table, challenging the organization to push forward and provide a hand to our community members, ensuring that sustainability is an outcome.

Jim is always vocal around the Community Future Board table challenging the organization to push forward and provide a hand up to our community members, ensuring sustainability is an outcome.

Community Futures Sunshine Coast

Lindsay Cole

lindsay 2016

Lindsay is a 15+ year veteran of sustainability and public engagement work in Canada. As a municipal planner who drives a variety of local food and environment focused projects, Lindsay was the project manager for Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan, an award-winning planning and stakeholder engagement process. She is a co-founder with Sustainability Solutions Group, a workers cooperative consulting company focused on sustainable community and climate planning, innovative public engagement, and green building projects. Lindsay also worked with Windmill Development Group, a leader in mixed-use green building developments in Canada. Lindsay developed the Campus Sustainability Assessment Framework, a tool to support universities and colleges to enhance their sustainability practices. In addition to volunteering with Community Futures as a Director and Vice-Chair, she is also a valued member on the Boards of the Coast Car Co-op, and the Coast Community Investment Co-op, one of our community partners. For all of these attributes, we are pleased to nominate Lindsay as our Volunteer of the Year!

Community Futures Shuswap

Marilyn Harford

marilyn 2016

Marilyn Harford is a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 30 years of experience in public practice accounting firms. She currently is a partner with Finch and Company in Salmon Arm. Marilyn joined the CF Shuswap Board of Directors in July 2013 and serves as Treasurer. In addition to bringing valued insight and a strong governance background to our board meetings, Marilyn also sits on our Business Development Committee, where loan applications are considered for approval. She is very dedicated to serving the best interests of our organization and passionate about helping business development in the Shuswap region.

Community Futures North Okanagan

Michele Hill

michele hill 2016

Michele Hill is an Environmental Scientist and Registered Professional Biologist. Michele became involved with Community Futures North Okanagan (CFNO) in 1998 as a member of our Business Exchange Program. She had recently started an environmental services company in Armstrong BC and was interested in participating with our small business owner’s peer mentoring group. Over the years, Michele’s connection to CFNO expanded, and she became a member of the CFNO Loans Committee in 2006. Michele then joined the CFNO Board of Directors in 2014, bringing her significant education, experience and environmental values to all aspects of her many roles within our Community Futures organization. Michele Hill is a highly valued, engaged, and active CFNO volunteer. We are proud to have Michele be Community Futures North Okanagan’s 2016 CF Volunteer of the Year.

Community Futures South Fraser

Netty Tam

netty 2016

Netty sits on the Board of Community Futures South Fraser as well as the Board of Stó:lō Community Futures. As a member of the South Fraser Board, she is a contributing member of the Policy & Governance as well as Economic Development committees. Netty is the Manager of Business Development of Chilliwack Economic Partners and also Manager of the Chilliwack Film Commission, both bringing an elevated sense of the economic drivers in our city. Her areas of proficiency are in strategic planning, policy development, economic development and downtown revitalization. Additionally, Netty also sits on the Chilliwack Social Research and Planning Council. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia and a Master of Environmental Design & Planning Degree from the University of Calgary.

Community Futures Thompson Country

Sarah Candido

sarah candido 2016

Ms. Candido was appointed to the Board in 2010 and is currently the Treasurer for the organization. Sarah is a bright light and brings enthusiasm to her role within the Board. Her positive “can-do” attitude is infectious and her strategic thinking ability assists our CFDC in  meeting our organizational and financial goals.

Sarah graduated from TRU in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and a minor in Management. She was on the Dean’s List with a First Class Standing at the time of graduating. Sarah was the recipient of the Community Futures Thompson Country Bursary for 2009. She is employed by the Kamloops Indian Band in Social Development and volunteers with various community organizations.

Community Futures Howe Sound

Shirley Henry

Shirley Henry is an absolute superstar when it comes to continually serving the community with class, diligence, kindness and productivity; she is the absolute gold standard. Shirley was on our original Board of Directors when our Community Futures organization was first launched over two decades ago.  She worked diligently at that time to get us up and running and to ensure that a solid framework was in place for us to enjoy considerable success over many years. Without the wonderful guidance and vision of Shirley Henry, our organization would not be nearly as successful today. Shirley gave us a firm foundation during those formative years and then quietly stepped aside to help other organizations in her home town of Pemberton. Today, she is the driving force behind the Pemberton Chamber of Commerce where she has served tirelessly for as long as anyone can remember!

Community Futures Cowichan

Bob Annis

bob annis 0 2015

In 2009, we had the privilege of appointing Dr. Bob Annis to our Board. Bob brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the CF Board table. He has a BA, MA and PH.D, and has published several reports and documents concerning social and economic issues facing rural Canadians. Bob served for 10 years as the Director of Brandon University's Rural Development Institute and has served for many years as a professor in Departments of Native Studies, Psychology and Rural Development. He serves on numerous other community organizations like the Provincial Community Futures Association, the Canadian Rural Restructuring Foundation and as a fellow of the International Comparative Rural Policy Studies Consortium. He also served as a National Selection Committee Member for the Canadian government's Broadband for Rural and Northern Development Program. Bob enjoys boating around the Gulf Vancouver Islands with his wife.

Community Futures Nadina

Bob Clee

bob clee 2015

Bob Clee spent most of his working career with credit unions. He eventually moved to CF Nadina where he provided business guidance and financial assistance through the loans program. Bob has been an active volunteer at many organizations most of his life; he has served on several boards including Houston’s Chamber of Commerce, Museum Society, Community Forest Board, Economic Development, and Seniors Housing, just to name a few.

Although Bob has always been a volunteer in his communities, after retirement he grew more involved providing financial and governance advice to the local organizations while continuing to maintain close ties with Nadina clients, always generously providing his expertise and mentorship.

Today Bob continues to volunteer his time to the community. Bob enjoys his summers out at Babine Lake, but his greatest love is to spend time with his two grandchildren, Declan and Gavin.

Community Futures Central Kootenay

Bob Nuyens

bob nuyens 2015

Bob is a long-time resident of Nelson, graduating from the local high school in 1952. For 34 years Bob worked in financial institutions, the last 21 years in Credit Union Management. Retirement has not slowed Bob down at all; his community commitment over the years has been outstanding. In 1997 he was awarded Nelson’s Citizen of the Year. He has sat on many community boards including being the Past President of Nelson’s Daybreak Rotary Club, The Royal Canadian Legion and the Nelson & District Home Support Services Society to name just a few! Bob’s business experience has been focused on commercial lending, making Bob a great addition to the Central Kootenay Lending Committee. Bob joined the committee as a Member at Large in 1996 and became Chair in 2005. Bob has been a valuable asset to Community Futures Central Kootenay over the past 19 years and we want to thank him for his dedication, commitment and leadership.

Community Futures Cariboo-Chilcotin

Brian Sawyer

brian sawyer 2015

Brian Sawyer has been a volunteer with Community Futures serving on our Board of Directors and Loans Committee since July 1996. For the past 37 years Brian has been a local business owner, operating Audio Video in Williams Lake. Not only does he service our community with electronics and musical instruments, he also supports and hosts musical events and festivals. Brian himself is an avid music lover and plays in a band called “My Wife’s Quartet”. Brian also loves fishing, and often takes trips to fish off the waters of Prince Rupert. He is married to a local artist, Lynda Sawyer, and together they have 3 grown children and many grandchildren. Brian is always in support of our local community and musical events from Bella Coola Music Festival to the Arts on the Fly Festival. We are very fortunate to have such a talented and dedicated volunteer like Brian.

Community Futures Cowichan

Cathe Wishart

cathy wishart 2015

Cathe has been with CF-FFG for over 12 years and has served on a number of committees. She was instrumental in the GM recruitment and hiring in 2008 and actively participates as the Vice-Chair of the Board, thus taking on roles in various committees. With the changes being made to the terms of office for the Board, Cathe has stepped back from the Board. She now volunteers in a much more active role which uses her expertise in governance and policy development to support CF-FFG in updating their Board Policies and Procedures and developing a Strategic Planning program that is conducive to the organizational culture.

Community Futures Revelstoke

Cathy Burke

cathy burke 2015

Cathy joined Community Futures Revelstoke in October 2006. She is a member of the Loans Committee, Executive Committee and has actively participated on the Volunteer Committee and Board Recruitment Committee for the past four years. She is currently the Vice Chair of Community Futures Revelstoke.

Cathy has lived in Revelstoke most of her life and owned a small business for several years. She is currently employed as a Receptionist/Self Serve Coordinator with Workplace BC. She takes great pride in her relationship with local businesses and persons seeking employment and provides the Board of Directors with monthly updates regarding community employment opportunities and trends.

Community Futures Greater Trail

Don Nutini

don nutini 2015

Don Nutini is a life-long resident of Trail. After graduation, Don got a job ‘up at the hill’ with Cominco and settled down with his lovely wife, Lorna. They had 7 children and now have 14 grandchildren, as well as 2 great grandchildren. Highlights of Don’s accomplishments include initiating the KBRH Hospital Foundation; ongoing support for the Trail Airport; and being integral to the construction of the heliport at the hospital. Because of his untiring dedication and ability to get things done, Don was honoured as the 2012 Warfield-Trail Volunteer of the Year. His passion for community economic development and love of his hometown is evident. Not only has he been a Director for CF Greater Trail for 12 years, he also sits on the Board of Directors of the Lower Columbia Community Development Team Society (LCCDTS). He is actively involved with the Trail Historical Society, Communities in Bloom, the Colombo Lodge, and Knights of Columbus. In his spare time, Don enjoys spending time with family at Christina Lake, as well as hunting, fishing, skiing, swimming, and world travel. Don loves his pasta but doesn’t like turnips.

Community Futures Shuswap

Dorothy Argent

dorothy argent 2015

In addition to serving as Chair of Community Futures Shuswap’s Board of Directors, Dorothy sits on many boards and is often seen as the driving force behind many important community discussions and actions. Recognized for her commitment to sustainable community development, she is a well-respected leader of the Salmon River Watershed Roundtable, a founding Director of the Fraser Basin Council and voted Shuswap’s "Woman of the Year" in 2010.

She is a skilled facilitator known for her positive and collaborative communication style and has gained the respect of business, non-profit and community groups. Known for her contagious laugh, she has a proven reputation for being innovative and enthusiastic and has successfully managed a multitude of community initiatives.

Community Futures North Fraser

Grace Saris

grace saris 2015

Grace Saris has been a board member at Community Futures North Fraser since 2011. Her experience as a manager at VanCity Credit Union provides helpful insights into our loan applications and our operational focus.

Grace supports the work of a number of organizations in addition to Community Futures and is deeply committed to her community. She is on the Mission Economic Development Committee and the Board of the Fraser Healthcare Foundation. Through her role at VanCity she supports the fundraising efforts of a number of groups, including LINC, an organization supporting reintegration of inmates to their community, the Women’s Resource Centre, and Mission Community Services.

The Board and Staff of Community Futures North Fraser would like to thank Grace for her commitment to this organization and the dedication she shows to the growth and prosperity of Mission.

Community Futures Sunshine Coast

Greg Latham

greg latham 2015

Greg Latham has been with Community Futures of the Sunshine Coast for 9 years. He has been remarkably supportive of our organization and community by serving diligently and thoughtfully on our Board of Directors. Greg Co-Chairs our Loans and Investment Committee and is the founding Chair of our newly launched Invest Sunshine Coast initiative. He is thorough, thoughtful and insightful. He provides superb advice, often thinks along lines that no one else is and adds value hand over fist to both our Board and Loans Committee.

Greg also volunteers on the Board of the Coast Community Builders Association and is a passionate and dedicated community champion who enjoys a deep connection with the community. His commitment to building strong, resilient and healthy community is evident in his dedication to Community Futures. 

Community Futures Okanagan Similkameen

Janet Willson

janet wilson 2015

Janet joined Community Futures in 2012 and has been an active Board Member ever since. Her first appointment was to the Self-Employment Program, where she provided marketing advice and mentorship to our clients. She currently sits on our Canadian Centre for Business Growth Board which delivers the Economic Gardening Program where she has revamped the website and continues to keep it current.

Janet is a communications leader with extensive experience in strategic marketing, relationship-building and creative problem solving. She owns her own company, Insight Communications, and works with clients in Alberta and B.C. Besides her career and work with Community Futures, Janet is on the Board of the Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance where she is the coordinator of the annual Meadowlark Nature Festival. She is an avid nature lover and gardener.

Community Futures East Kootenay

Janice Alpine

janisce alpine 2015

Janice Alpine joined the CFEK Board of Directors in 2012, bringing to the Board a rich knowledge of Ktunaxa and Aboriginal culture coupled with a keen insight for entrepreneurship and economic development. Janice generously contributes her time and effort, conveying a broad understanding of our region and the issues affecting small businesses and our local economy. As a regular participant of Loan Review
Committee meetings, Janice helps to ensure that we are making the best decisions, both for our clients and for CFEK. Janice’s diverse background includes many years as an entrepreneur, as well as experience in research and policy development. In her current role with the Kootenay Aboriginal Business Development Agency, Janice is an integral bridge between KABDA and CFEK where our client populations intersect.

Community Futures Boundary

Joan Thomas

joan thomas 2015

Joan Thomas joined Community Futures Boundary in February 2012. Joan has over 25 years in management experience, currently the Manager of a local nursery operation. She has incredible skills in marketing, planning and organization which have been a great addition to our Board. She has provided guidance and direction to the organization with her knowledge, vision and understanding of the communities we service. Joan, as our Vice Chair and a Director of the Loans Committee, recognizes the benefit of supporting businesses in our small rural communities. Joan has a strong sense of community and has been a volunteer in the region for many years. She supports and encourages planned growth for our region. Joan is a tremendous asset to Boundary Community Futures and we appreciate her loyalty and dedication

Community Futures Powell River

Lori Brown

lori brown 2015

Lori Brown has been a Board Director of Community Futures Development Corporation of the Powell River Region since 1999, for most of these years she has been the Treasurer and the Chair of the Self-Employment Program. She is invaluable to the Corporation. In our small community of Powell River this is very hard to find; her dedication is outstanding. Lori gives so much time as a volunteer that she is second to none.

She always approaches every situation with a calm demeanor, amazing ethics and precise questions, bringing out the best in people. Not only does she volunteer for Community Futures Powell River, but she is also a Director on the Powell River Community Forest Board, the Baptist Church and Christian School. Lori was instrumental in the fundraising to purchase the Christian School and assisting in renovating the school with volunteers.

Lori is compassionate and caring for the people in Powell River, often starting new initiatives for assisting businesses and growing the community. Youth and family are extremely important to her.

Community Futures Howe Sound

Lynn Blue

lynn blue 2015

Lynn Blue has been volunteering with Community Futures Howe Sound since 2011 when she joined our Small Business Lending Committee as a new representative from Pemberton. In 2012 Lynn added to her volunteer commitment with us by joining our Board of Directors. Lynn has a stellar attendance record with Community Futures and she is an active participant in all matters.

Lynn really enjoys the outdoors and is an avid skier, mountain biker and hiker. Lynn works in the Financial Services industry and lives in Pemberton with her husband Rob.

Community Futures Central Island

Mark Fenwick

mark fenwick 2015

Mark served on the Board of Directors for CF Central Island for 4 years. During that time, he has actively participated as a member of the Loans Committee. He has been diligent in the adjudication of loans, loan portfolio management and proved to be a critical addition to our Board. He brought retail and retail development insight as well as financial acumen to our Board and Loans Committee. Mark will reside in Nanaimo with his family. He is employed by Ivanhoe Cambridge and has taken a new opportunity on the mainland managing the new Tsawwassen Mills shopping center development, one of the first major developments on Tsawwassen First Nation Lands. Our office will certainly miss Mark and his expertise and can’t wait for his return to Nanaimo!

Community Futures North Okanagan

Narinder Bal

narinder bal 2015

Narinder relocated to Vernon from England in 1990. She moved to Vernon BC and began a highly successful career in business, finance, and publishing. Narinder has published the APNI Directory for over 20 years. The APNI Directory is the only Indo Canadian Business Directory for the Okanagan and Thomson region.

Narinder became involved in CFNO because she believes that the North Okanagan offers significant economic opportunities and that Community Futures has the people, tools and commitment to provide our citizens the opportunity to reach their full potential. Narinder has been contributing her expertise to the CFNO Board of Directors since 2008. She sits on the CFNO Governance Committee and also provides her marketing knowledge to the BCCF Marketing Committee.

Narinder Bal is a highly valued, engaged, and active CFNO Volunteer.

Community Futures Thompson Country

Neil Howatt

neil howatt 2015

It is with pleasure that CFTC nominates Mr. Neil Howatt as its Volunteer of the Year for 2015. Mr. Howatt has been on the CFTC Board since 2006 and is currently the Chair of our Self-Employment Committee. He is, and has been, an excellent ambassador to the organization as he leads by example and supports our CFDC with fresh new ideas, a positive “can-do” attitude and an enthusiastic belief that we can be a better organization.

As a Senior Account Manager, Aboriginal Banking with the BDC, Neil provides CFTC with proven, knowledgeable advice that comes from his experience in working within the fastest growing and most diverse marketplace in Canada. His experience in providing Aboriginal entrepreneurs with business capital to grow, development assistance and expertise assists his clients to become more competitive, and we are fortunate to benefit from the same knowledge making us a better organization.

Community Futures Stó:lō

Rosemary Trehearne

rosemary treheaine 2015

Elder Rosemary Trehearne worked for many years on Aboriginal issues and programs, including several years as President of the Yukon Indian Women’s Association. Rosemary was an Executive Member of the Native Women’s Association of Canada. In this latter role, Rosemary was an active participant in the development of the Association’s policies on family violence. Rosemary’s major areas of expertise are in justice, especially community restorative justice. She has substantial experience in other areas, including program evaluations, health, employment and education.

Rosemary has been on SCF’s Board of Directors since September 2012. Since joining the Board, Rosemary has been an active Elder on the Board, serving on several SCF Committees, including the SCF Loans Fund Committee and the STÓ:LŌ MEANS BUSINESS – Strategic Planning Committee. Also, in 2012, Rosemary was appointed as the Elder representative on the Stó:lō Service Agency, that provides and oversees comprehensive program deliveries for all of Stó:lō Nation.

Community Futures Mount Waddington

Scott Benwell

scott benwell 2015

Scott Benwell has been with the Board of CFMW for 2 years. As Superintendent of School District #85, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organization. Additionally, Scott is always just a phone call away when we need signatures, or just someone to bounce ideas off. With his keen interest in our organization, Scott became the Treasurer in just his second year.

Scott’s volunteering isn’t limited to CFMW; he’s been a member of the local volunteer fire department and he also volunteers his time coaching youth soccer. We are pleased and lucky to have Scott as a CFMW Board member!

Community Futures Sun Country

Scott Medlock

scott medlock 2015

Scott has been an active member of the Community Futures Board since 2007. The team has been very fortunate to have Scott at the Helm as Chairperson since 2009! He stepped down at the AGM June 2015 as this year will be his ninth year serving as a volunteer.

Scott is known as the person in his region that is committed and the “go-to” person when community members are looking for feedback and support. Listing the groups that Scott belongs to currently and in the past would not leave the space to share his accomplishments as an individual. Scott is serving his third term as Counselor for the District of Hope. He is engaged in his community and the region, and is highly respected with a reputation of looking at possibilities and solutions.

There will certainly be a void in the CF Network when Scott steps down, however, he is a strong advocate of the CF program and does not miss an opportunity to share the many accomplishments of the organization.

Community Futures Peace Liard

Teresa Crate

teresa crate 2015

Teresa has been a Board Member since 2003 and has brought a wealth of knowledge to our organization with her 25 years of banking experience. She has also been a member of our Loans Committee, as well as Self-Employment Program Committee for the majority of her years served on our Board.

Teresa is a hardworking volunteer in her community through the Dawson Creek Sunrise Rotary Club. She has been involved with key initiatives such as Cabin Fever, which involved organizing a sit down dinner for 200 seniors, as well as being a big part of the Community Dinner feeding over 100 families with lower incomes. She also is the incoming President of the Sunrise Rotary Club. A very deserving volunteer to be honoured as Volunteer of the Year!


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