Prepare your business for anything

The Business Continuity Plan will help you react to disruptions like COVID-19, floods, fires, and more so you can protect your employees and assets so your business can continue to operate.


What is a BCP?

A personalized plan to prepare for and respond to unexpected disruptions.

Well-prepared businesses have proven to fare much better through and after a disaster because they have already considered the possible impacts to their business and developed strategies ahead of time for dealing with them.

Build a personalized plan

We provide the tools and guide you through the steps to build your own personalized Business Continuity Plan. At the end you can print your plan and share it with your team

Analyze and reduce risks

We’ll find the specific risks that affect your business and come up with plans to combat each one specifically.

Create communications plans

Develop strategies around communicating information about your business outwards as well as internally.

Prepare for disasters

Identify possible solutions to the loss of critical business assets to keep your business alive.

Identify hazards

We’ll help you identify all of the hazards that could affect your business from environmental, to operational, personal hazards, and more.

Keep track of critical info

Document all of the critical business information that you might need should an emergency arise.


Chock-full of invaluable information

Explore content curated by expert, Colin O’leary who has over a decade of experience working with business owners and entrepreneurs just like you, across all industries and all stages of development to overcome a variety of challenges.

Print your plan

Download and print your personalized Business Continuity Plan and share it with your team so everyone can prepare.

Develop emergency strategies

We walk you through how to develop emergency strategies for any situation specific to your business

Download and print resources

We’ve compiled a treasure trove of resources for you to download like Insurance Support, a Business “Grab and Go” Kit, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Business Continuity Planning tool.

It’s free! We believe that all of the information and resources we’ve compiled into the Business Continuity Planning tool is invaluable to all businesses, and we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to access.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

Who’s it for?

Built for business owners

We built this tool specifically for business owners. Find all of the guidance and resources you need to prepare your business for almost any disruption.


Print your plan

Download and print your personalized Business Continuity Plan and share it with your team so everyone can prepare.

5-star reviews

We’ve received countless glowing reviews from people who have used this tool to help their business.

Completely customizable

Build a plan that’s personalized to your business, regardless of your industry, size, or experience.


Free for everyone

We’re proud to offer this tool for free so we can help as many business owners / entrepreneurs as possible.


Start your Business Continuity Plan for free

Join over 100+ companies already preparing their business with their personalized Business Continuity Plan.


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