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Since 1985 Community Futures organizations have been lending money to small businesses throughout BC and across Canada.  

Unlike most financial institutions, CF’s are not a formula lender, but instead assess every business venture on the basis of its own merit. CF’s also have the ability to explore financing for businesses that are unable to secure capital under reasonable terms and conditions from traditional lenders.  In fact, in some cases CF’s are also prepared to consider a position of higher risk than other lenders.  CF’s create and support the entrepreneurial spirit in rural communities throughout BC and across Canada and their commitment to helping small businesses start and expand. 

All this unique lending flexibility and related supports for rural SME’s has lent itself to some very innovative loans written by CF’s.

This feature loan award gives CFs the opportunity to showcase a significant loan from the past year. 


2019 - Community Futures Central Kootenay

Presented to Community Futures Central Kootenay for Kootenay Carshare Cooperative

In May 2019, the Community Futures Central Kootenay Loan Committee approved lending $54,000 to the Kootenay Carshare Co-operative (KCC) to help the organization purchase two Hyundai Kona electric vehicles and charging stations.  

KCC is known for its reliable vehicles, affordable rates and environmentally responsible transportation alternatives. In recent years, there’s been increasing public sensitivity towards the adverse effect of emissions from gas-powered vehicles on the environment. This prompted KCC to begin exploring the possibility of adding electric vehicles to its fleet. Now with the purchase price of a Hyundai Kona under $50,000 and government subsidies available for buyers of electric vehicles, the timing was right to buy.  

KCC came to Community Futures to finance one of their electric vehicles.

This loan supports clean technology adoption and aligns with Western Economic Diversification’s priority to transform resource sectors by investing in cleaner resource development.

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