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Each year we help thousands of rural BC entrepreneurs just like you turn their dreams into reality. Here are some of their stories. We hope they inspire you to get in touch.

2013 Community Futures Northern Magazine

Over the past three years Community Futures has created and maintained 1,220 jobs in northern BC by lending $19-million to more than 400 businesses. That’s growing the economy, one business at a time.

With this, the Community Futures offices of northern BC, are pleased to provide a snapshot of the work that we have been involved with or supported across the vast region – stretching from 100 Mile House north to the Yukon border and from the Alberta border to Haida Gwaii.

Community Futures Northern British Columbia - 2013



2015 Community Futures Northern Magazine

This edition of the Community Futures Northern BC Magazine contains more stories highlighting a few of the successful businesses that Community Futures had a pivotal role in supporting, in both business and community economic development.  Be inspired.


Bell First Aid Services

First aid and safety in do-or-die work environments.

Community Futures - A Canadian Success Story

Community Futures is a community based economic renewal initiative established by the federal government in 1985. Helping rural Canadians to start or expand a business and improve local economies. There are 269 Community Futures Offices located through rural Canada.

Hear from many of our clients on how Community Futures has helped them realize their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

Community Futures - Means Business

Community Futures is a community based economic renewal initiative established by the federal government in 1985. Helping rural Canadians to start or expand a business and improve local economies. There are 269 Community Futures Offices located through rural Canada.



D.R. Systems Inc.

Custom-designed software which protects the environment with high-tech land management techniques.

Hardy Buoys

Employing up to 60 people and distributing their product to most of the major Canadian grocery chains.

Natures Formulae Health Products Ltd.

A business that started in a kitchen to become a global manufacturer.

Nonuttin Foods

The owner set out to create safe alternatives for a daughter who has life-threatening allergies.

Outdoor Living Manufacturing Ltd.

A company with over 30 employees sells ready-made home enhancements as DIY wood projects.

Pemberton Distillery

Created an opportunity by starting B.C.'s only vodka distillery and the first certified-organic potato vodka distillery in the world.

RFind Systems

With a global client base, it offers a solution that solves real-world logistics challenges and can reduce business costs.

Rural Economic Diversification Initiative

The Rural Economic Diversification Initiative of British Columbia (REDI-BC) has been a huge success.  The REDI-BC project assisted 18 different communities across B.C. to diversify their economies through funding targeted at improving business productivity and competitiveness, stimulating increased trade and  investment, and enhancing the commercialization of technology.  Read More..

Tompkins Post and Rail - Building the Future

Unlike many, James Tompkins can see the forest for the trees- and what he saw led him to a business opportunity that is more than just about making money.

While running a processor at his job in Beaverdell, he noticed that the treetops were just being burned. Seeing an opportunity, Tompkins began taking the tops to process himself, using them to make posts. Because the trees usually top off at three to four inches he can process and peel them to get good pine to make two to three inch, and three to four inch posts and railings, fencing, etc, some up to 16 feet long.

When his employer felt he was taking too much of his time/energy for his side business, Tompkins made the move to Houston, British Columbia and started processing and peeling while still working in the bush. He talked to forestry service and local logging companies about using the pine tops, and he borrowed a processor to use.

Tompkins admits he met some resistance from forestry service and local companies that weren’t too keen on giving anything away,  but James preserved. He says people are coming around, especially in Houston area, and others are helpful and on-board with making the most of resources, something Tompkins is proud he does.  “It really helps the environment”, he says. “I almost cry when I go by a logging site and see the waste – wasted lumber and wasted money”.

Tompkins approached Community Futures to borrow money for his own peeler, and the staff in the Houston office helped him work out his business plan.

“It was a real learning experience”, says Tompkins, who learned the risks and rewards of his own business.

He has since borrowed money for a truck and a processor, and he still talks to Community Futures staff regularly about the business.

Tompkins Post and Rail is in its fifth year of operation and Tompkins says he is currently building an inventory of posts so that when he gets calls for his product – and he has, from companies wanting it immediately – he can provide it. He’s taking baby steps, with one full time day shift  that employs 5 full time workers. Tompkins knows it takes time and money to build up inventory, and in the next couple of years he would like to be working a second shift employing, possibly three or four more people.

Although he is currently leasing land and a shop, his goal is to purchase his own, and one day he would like to get a pellet plant to make use of the sawdust that he currently takes to a plant in Houston and perhaps even get a contractor on board to expand the operation.

The most important think for Tompkins is that he loves his work, “It’s a lot less stressful than logging”, he laughs.

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