Small Business Toolkit

Small Business Multitool

The Small Business MultiTool is a highly effective and practical tool that is designed to help entrepreneurs shape their business vision and solve specific challenges early in the planning process. Most crucially, it can help clients address essential questions such as personal suitability for entrepreneurship, realistic financing options, and the viability of their business idea.

Each Community Futures office offers a tailored package of services and tools which may include:

  • One-on-one support from a business expert. This professional can be chosen from whichever field the client most needs help with, be it marketing, finance, accounting, franchising, or another area.
  • An interview with a lending expert. This key session will help potential entrepreneurs determine if their idea is bankable and fine-tune their financing pitch – giving it the best chance of success wherever they end up going for financing.
  • Online resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Business Continuity Workbook

Experience from recent disasters in Western Canada has shown that businesses that have business continuity plans in place respond to and recover from unexpected events more quickly and effectively.
A detailed emergency response and business continuity plan can maximize the chances of a successful recovery by eliminating hasty decision-making under stressful conditions. The Business Continuity Workbook provides a step-by-step guide to the basic components of developing a business continuity plan, from risk analysis and business impact assessment to developing an evacuation plan. The workbook can be downloaded online, and includes fillable forms that make it easy for business owners to create a customized business continuity plan for their organization.
This online tool will help simplify the process of developing a business continuity plan for your business.
The Business Continuity Workbook was developed by Colin O’Leary for Community Futures Thompson Country with funding from Western Economic Diversification.
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