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Harrison Hot Springs Preschool - Harrison Hot Springs, BC

Six years ago, Melissa Weed was running a small daycare out of her home, today she is planning to expand of her business and increase the number of children she can have in her care to 64. Melissa is the owner of the Harrison Hot Springs Daycare, and she has been able to fund most of the expansion of her business through a Provincial grant program to create more daycare spaces and a loan from Community Futures.

In 2014 Melissa wanted to refinance her business and apply for the Provincial grant. The grant required matching funds and a detailed application proposal so working with Community Futures was a great fit. We were able to assist Melissa with both a loan to provide the needed funding, and we helped her with the application as a small business advisor.

"Working with Community Futures has been great. There is probably a lot more of your services I should be using, but the planning and the financing has been awesome." Said Melissa.

Now Melissa is expanding again and for this next expansion Melissa applied for a second Provincial grant and is expecting her new building this fall. For this most recent expansion Melissa didn't need the financial support of Community Futures. Success for the Community Futures often means your clients outgrow you.


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