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Rosemary Phillips - One Seed - Grand Forks, BC

It’s been 18 years since One Seed and Quills Quotes & Notes became a reality, thanks to help from Community Futures, the Self-Employment Benefit program, and a loan to have the story and song recorded, published and printed.

Since then, One Seed has gone through three editions, translations in French and Persian, an educational video on YouTube (2010), has been toured across Canada, and has been used in schools and homes around the world, for study and as a play - from Japan to Beirut, Spain, India, Ireland, Brazil (to name a few countries) and across North America. The One Seed Kid’s Art Gallery ( now has over 700 drawings from children in many countries. And it all started in Grand Forks, BC. 

The assistance I received in 2002 also allowed for a web site to be developed (, and, even though I am now retired as a feature writer and self-employed business, I still operate the site which is filled with articles about many world-class performing artists, local events and people. These are stories to inspire and offer hope, which is so needed at this challenging time on Planet Earth.

Quills Quotes & Notes allowed me to work from home as a feature interviewer and writer for such organizations as the Vancouver Island Symphony, Sinfonia of the North Shore, Ken Lavigne, tenor, Songs Strings and Steps, and others. Many of those articles are still posted on the web site, with updates, for research and promotion of those artists. This is my ‘giving,’ my philanthropy.

The business also allowed me to perform concerts and to tour One Seed around British Columbia, and eventually across Canada to Ontario (2009).

Quills Quotes & Notes has, since 2002, published several little books, most of which are now free as PDF downloads on the internet. I have also made several very simple recordings and turned some of those into videos. The latest is a re-release (March 2020), with a video on YouTube - of the story, song and play The Day the Wind Changed. And the wind has surely changed in our world.

So, I give my thanks to Community Futures, in the Boundary, for their guidance and financial assistance which helped spread the word around the planet of hope, courage, and inspiration. As One Seed said, when told it would never grow, “Yes I will, just watch me.”


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